Depression Informative Speech Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The treatment process can be overwhelming and difficult at first.

A. Every case is handled differently and can be challenging for yourself and the physician treating you. It can become a long drawn out process which makes you want to stop trying, because results are often slow and tiresome. That’s what happened in my case. It took multiple attempts before I got the help I needed. I wanted to see success right away because I was so tired of the nightmarish world I was secluded in. B. The doctor needs to figure out your cause of depression, which can be many different factors such as biological differences in your brain, stressful life events like abuse, loss of a loved one, financial problems or any other unwelcoming change. C. Most of the time people need to be treated with a combination of medications and counseling, however sometimes one out of the two will help. In my case medication made a world of difference at first. It did take several different trials before I found the right one. 1. There are different medications known as Antidepressants to help regulate the hormones released in your brain that can cause depression. It can take up to 4-6 weeks before any results are seen and sometimes a combination of mediations are needed. The 2 most common types
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Then we have psychotherapy or counseling, where you talk with a psychologist or psychiatrist about your problems. Usually you meet on an outpatient basis every week, however severe depression sometimes causes hospitalization where you have counseling sessions daily and also group peer sessions. My depression affected my daily task at work so I was mandated by my employer to attend counseling or I could choose to be fired. It’s difficult at first to open up about things but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I felt a relief that someone understood my thought process and could give me suggestions and skills to use every day to help cope with the …show more content…
III. After being treated with the right medications and psychotherapy enjoying life again is possible, however you need to realize that you have depression and you can slip back into that hazardous state of despair, if you do not use what you learned.

A. Stick to your treatment plans. No skipping medication doses or counseling even when you feel better. Remember this is what made you how you are today. B. Educate yourself about depression. C. Pay attention to warning signs and if a stressful event occurs in your life, talk it through don’t let it get the best of you. D. Get exercise, there are studies that show exercising releases endorphins which make you happy.

Signpost: Let me conclude by saying,
I. Depression is a real disease and you must be aware of the symptoms before you can treat it. II. Treating depression can seem impossible but knowing it’s not is the key. Experiencing depression first hand I know this journey is difficult and time consuming but the end result is well worth it. You can see the world in a whole new

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