Commentary On The Article 'Understanding Depression' By Krisha Mccoy

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This is an article review on the article “Understanding Depression” by Krisha McCoy. The purpose of the review is to analyze and see if the author told the information in an efficient way. The topic being discussed is depression in this article review is depression. Depression is very common in the United States as it throughout the world. Being able to understand depression, may lead one to be helpful to a friend or family member dealing with this problem. Depression is a serious thing that impacts many lives, and it should be discussed so people can find help.
The author of “Understanding Depression” McCoy (2016) says, “Many American adults experience depression, almost 6.7% do. 6.7% would be about 14.8 million adults” (par.1). Depression causes one to lose the desire for things they once loved or enjoyed doing. Almost everyone experiences this feeling of being sad and lonely every now and
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Depression is a serious thing and can lead one to not enjoy life and also to death. The author Krisha McCoy did well informing the readers about depression and the effects and symptoms of depression. McCoy told the different types of depression and the symptoms that will be seen in someone with depression. The end of the article explains how if someone is struggling with depression they need to seek medical help as soon as possible. McCoy (2016) says, “Primary care physicians write more prescriptions for antidepressant than other health care professionals” (par. 11). Understanding depression is the first step to helping someone else or yourself; being able to identify a problem is the first step to solving a problem. The author Krisha McCoy did well to inform the readers on how to identify depression with the symptoms listed. Depression is common in the United States, and it is not rare to struggle with this illness, so when experiencing depression seek

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