Jesus and history

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life Through Religion

    man, was there some other men or lady like him in history that we would learn of? I soon understood that the response to that was an extremely stern no. He is the standard, the necessary source, and the Son of God, regarding numerous others; nobody can touch his godliness and effect in religion to me. Coming about because of my recently increased point of view, church turned into a vastly improved scene to learn and learn Christian religion and Jesus Christ. I was gradually starting to have the…

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  • Synoptic Gospels In First-Century Palestine

    place in first-century Palestine. Although each gospel was written to a different audience and at different times, in each account, the subject is Jesus. Jesus’ life, ministry, and teachings were within the same century that the gospel writers wrote their accounts. Although little is known about first-century Palestine, there is enough documented history to see how the era and region affected the writings of the synoptic gospels. Palestine, known today as Israel, had a clearly defined culture…

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  • Coming Messiah In The Old Testament

    shall be his” (Genesis 49:10, New International Version). The coming messiah had to be from the tribe of Judah or He would actually be the Messiah, but Jesus was. The…

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  • Jesus Christ Thesis

    Who was Jesus Christ? Some claim he was a prophet while others claim he is the Son of God. Some say he was a historical figure while others say he was never even here. So who is this man know as Jesus Christ? From Messianic prophecies to the coming of the Son in the end times, no matter who Jesus is to someone he is a historical figure with a background that has been documented within the Bible. The book of Isaiah was written almost seven hundred years before Jesus was born. Isaiah claims the…

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  • Summary Of Diarmaid Macculloch, Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years

    Thousand Years, 1-12 According to MacCulloch, Christian history is a story which was told and believed by Jesus’ disciples. He calls Christianity a “personality cult” in which he describes Jesus as a historical figure who was admired and present as God by the early believers. The Christian story is long enough with two millennia for historians to study, yet is a short story as Christianity is young when compared to some other religions and to the history of all humans. In fact, this story has…

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  • Canonicity Of The Canon Analysis

    Throughout the history of church there have always been questions about the reliability of the canon (books of the Bible.) Some people believe there should be more books added to the canon (apocrypha) while others believe that certain books be stripped away from the canon. I have prepared myself to have a personal conversation about the authority that establishes the canon. Here are three questions that could arise when having a personal conversation about the canon: 1. Who determines which…

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  • Exegesis And Epistles Analysis

    Gospels and Epistles Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are the four Gospels which contain the rich history of Jesus ' life, death and Resurrection, which is the Good News that we as His follower 's need to share with other people (New International Version, Matthew 5:14-16). These books were written as eyewitness narratives of Jesus ' miracles and teachings so they are accurate historical records of Jesus ' life and sayings as a man here on earth. The epistles contain parts of theology and…

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  • The Sinlessness Of Jesus Analysis

    University of Otago, New Zealand, compares the sinlessness of Jesus Christ from a biblical viewpoint by providing a clarification of the moral characteristics found in Jesus Christ. In addition, this particular article provides a set of questions, that answers the modernism, idealism, contemporanism, and liberalism ideologies. In this article, Davidson describes the Sinlessness of Christ with the following statement: “To reduce the matter of Jesus' morality to something that must be…

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  • Christian Religion

    from the teachings of Jesus Christ. He only wanted to reform the religion of Judaism, but throughout several disputes, Christianity became its very own religion. Throughout the life of Jesus Christ, he was very much human just like us. Jesus, just as we were born, was born in Bethlehem where he spent the majority of his life working as a carpenter with his father. It was not until Jesus was about thirty years old until he came into historical view. Around the age of thirty, Jesus came to the…

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  • AP Irenaeus's View Of God As Son

    Crucially, this claim frames the Christian understanding of God according to a Trinitarian pattern, and one which passes necessarily through Jesus. This, follows, insofar as in him the new testament “was opened”, and only with respect to the only begotten and incarnated Son we can understand God as the Holy Trinity and ourselves as adopted sons. Hence, Jesus establishes the conditions for understanding the Old and the New Testament as in continuity with one another, as well as the God of Israel…

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