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  • Psalm 95: Enthronement Festivals

    What, then, would be the occasion for composition? It can be agreed by most all scholars that this psalm existed during or for use in a festival. Whether it was for a singular, specific festival or for a regularly occurring festival is hard to establish. It could have been composed as a dedication of the second temple. More likely, however, is the idea that this psalm originated from a regularly occurring festival. This festival could be an enthronement festival, and autumnal festival, the…

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  • DBQ Islam Expansion

    How Islam Expanded Islam expanded in many different ways. However, it mostly expanded through harsh war, peace treaties and stipends to its followers. It began in Saudi Arabia and its neighboring countries. Islam eventually spread throughout the Middle East. One way it expanded was through war conquest. In Document A it states, “The Muslims… ‘Cut off the arms of these non-Muslims!’”. The document also states that in 636 CE, 24 thousand Muslims battled with Greeks in what is known as one of the…

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  • How Did The Crusades Affect The Economy

    “God wills it!” was the cry of thousands of Christian warriors as they began the two hundred year battle with the Muslims to take back what they believed was their Holy Land. The Muslims had taken control of this land and put an end to Christian pilgrimages. This incited the furor of Pope Urban II, who declared the war which became known as The Crusades. The long course of this battle greatly affected medieval Europe and its civilization, and continues to stir up conflict and controversy in…

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  • Examples Of Auto-Ethnography

    My auto-ethnography encompassed a three-day span from last Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. During this time, I visited Boston to participate in the celebration of a rabbi’s installation as the first woman to lead New England’s largest Reform Jewish Synagogue (Temple Israel of Boston). As points-of-reference: this particular rabbi was also the person who oversaw my conversation to Judaism and was particular influential during some of my tumultuous life events. Additionally, I have…

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  • Irish Letters By Ottoma Busbecq

    The Turkish Letters by Ogier Ghiselin de Bushecq who was Flemish born and was appointed by the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire as ambassador to the Turkish Sultan's court in Constantinople in the 16th Century were written between the years 1555-1562. The letters give not only an insight into the Ottoman Empire’s superior military training in Busbecq’s eyes but also act as a lament of the Christian soldier’s lack of military disciple and the Christian forces use of heredity as advancement.…

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  • Examples Of Topos Of Righteousness

    A topos of righteousness occurs when an author declares the receptor or prolocutor so. By classifying the figure in this manner, the author legitimates his message through cultic or ethical purity as the figure in the narrative becomes impeachable. This term, paired with justice, occurs in Akkadian literature (kittum u mīs̆arum) as an “ethical ideal,” and the same idea existed in Hebraic thought as the base on which Torah worked. For the authors, God was righteous, and His acts conformed to…

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  • The Knights Templar: William Hansard

    The Knights Templar/ William Hansard The Knights Templar was an ancient group knights that acted upon Christianity and were used as a military force. They were assigned to attack and raid muslim soldiers. The original knights were led by Sir Raymond of Saint-Gilles, Godfrey of Bouillon, Hugh of Vermandois and Bohemond of Taranto. The Templars ended up doing what they called Crusades in which they went and attacked threats to Israel. There were a total of six Crusades. By the first they were…

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  • Primary Source Analysis: The Crusades

    Primary Source Analysis 3 1) As most Christian histories of the crusades begin with pope urban II’s call in 1095, for the recovery of holy places. But Ibn Al-Athir being native of Mosul see it differently, as all Muslim sees the Crusades. He mention the crusades as not being recovery of holy places of Christianity, rather, it was war against the Islam religion. He further stated in his writing saying that, “They invaded the territories of Islam”. In his writing he clearly indicated that it was…

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  • Lord Elgin Marbles Research Paper

    The Elgin Marbles are artifacts removed from the Greek Parthenon in the early 1800's and taken to England by the Ambassador to Constantinople. Lord Elgin wanted to save the priceless artifacts from complete destruction or removal. He then obtained permission from the occupying Turks to permanently remove the artifacts and keep them in England. Lord Elgin's collection was later bought by the British government and displayed for the public, where the marbles remain today. The Elgin…

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  • The First Crusade: An Analysis

    The First Crusade had many parties involved like the Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Byzantine citizens. From these parties, Muslims and Christians had both unfavorable views of each other and antagonistic relationships. The relationship between the Christians and Jews was one of the killer and killed and the Jews reacted with dread, terror, and resentment. The Byzantine emperor considered the Christians family and considered the thought of killing them in battle “fratricide” . During the First…

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