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  • The First Crusade: An Analysis

    The First Crusade had many parties involved like the Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Byzantine citizens. From these parties, Muslims and Christians had both unfavorable views of each other and antagonistic relationships. The relationship between the Christians and Jews was one of the killer and killed and the Jews reacted with dread, terror, and resentment. The Byzantine emperor considered the Christians family and considered the thought of killing them in battle “fratricide” . During the First…

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  • Summary: The Great Galatian Debate

    Bible Study Overall Series The Great Galatian Debate Galatians 1- On Defense (Paul’s Reason for Writing) Galatians 2- Real Talk (Holy Conferencing) Galatians 3- Believe or Be (Faith vs. Good Works) Galatians 4- Freedom to Live (Slavery vs. Freedom) Galatians 5- Lifestyle (Fruits of the Spirit) Galatians 6- Sharing is Caring (Instructions to the Community) Behind the Scenes This Study of Paul’s letter to the Galatians uses the style of a presidential political debate to better understand…

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  • The Painted Wall Essay

    The Painted Wall is a story written by Pu Songling talking about a scholar’s encountering with a goddess, who invites the scholar to their kingdom on the painted wall. When he returns to the reality, he could not differentiate the illusion and the real world. Director Chan offers the audience another interpretation of The Painted Wall in an elusive way, when Mural released in 2011. Different from the original story, the director recomposes two main characters, Zhu Xiaolian and Meng Longtan, in…

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  • Hannah Arendt's Jerusalem: The Banality Of Evil

    an eye” does not solve the problem at all, it merely just enforces that harming others is okay. This difference in the view of the world can greatly change a person’s perspective of what they have done to others. In Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem: The Banality of Evil we see that Eichmann’s perspective of the wrongs that he has committed is that he is okay with what he did. It is how he was raised and what he saw through childhood and his many moves to different places…

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  • Examples Of Topos Of Righteousness

    A topos of righteousness occurs when an author declares the receptor or prolocutor so. By classifying the figure in this manner, the author legitimates his message through cultic or ethical purity as the figure in the narrative becomes impeachable. This term, paired with justice, occurs in Akkadian literature (kittum u mīs̆arum) as an “ethical ideal,” and the same idea existed in Hebraic thought as the base on which Torah worked. For the authors, God was righteous, and His acts conformed to…

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  • The Knights Templar: William Hansard

    The Knights Templar/ William Hansard The Knights Templar was an ancient group knights that acted upon Christianity and were used as a military force. They were assigned to attack and raid muslim soldiers. The original knights were led by Sir Raymond of Saint-Gilles, Godfrey of Bouillon, Hugh of Vermandois and Bohemond of Taranto. The Templars ended up doing what they called Crusades in which they went and attacked threats to Israel. There were a total of six Crusades. By the first they were…

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  • Primary Source Analysis: The Crusades

    Primary Source Analysis 3 1) As most Christian histories of the crusades begin with pope urban II’s call in 1095, for the recovery of holy places. But Ibn Al-Athir being native of Mosul see it differently, as all Muslim sees the Crusades. He mention the crusades as not being recovery of holy places of Christianity, rather, it was war against the Islam religion. He further stated in his writing saying that, “They invaded the territories of Islam”. In his writing he clearly indicated that it was…

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  • Lord Elgin Marbles Research Paper

    The Elgin Marbles are artifacts removed from the Greek Parthenon in the early 1800's and taken to England by the Ambassador to Constantinople. Lord Elgin wanted to save the priceless artifacts from complete destruction or removal. He then obtained permission from the occupying Turks to permanently remove the artifacts and keep them in England. Lord Elgin's collection was later bought by the British government and displayed for the public, where the marbles remain today. The Elgin…

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  • Analysis Of Eichmann In Jerusalem: A Report Of The Banality Of Evil

    and she felt that “she owed it to herself as a social critic, displaced person, witness and survivor” (Arendt xi) to be present for it. The articles that she wrote pertaining to the trial she eventually made into a book. The thesis of Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report of the Banality of Evil is highlighted in the subtitle of the book, as Amos Elon mentioned; the banality of evil. Arendt, ahead of her time, figures out that Eichmann is incapable of thinking, “thoughtless” even, but he is a…

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  • Reflection: Summer Music Camp And Hindu Temple

    Diversity can have a lot of different meanings that are contingent upon context of surroundings. Diversity is put simply as a “range of different things”; it can also be defined more specifically in terms of “the inclusion of individuals representing more than one national origin, color, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation, etc.” For this class I had to step outside of my comfort zone to edify myself as an educator. Through the experience of a summer music camp and Hindu temple I…

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