Essay On The Crusades

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The Christian Crusades Almost 200 years ago during the middle ages, the crusades wrested control over the Palestine Region from Selcuk turks due to a series of military incursions that were made up of christian armies from western europe. The control that the christian crusades had over the Holy land were tenuous at its best. Today, the crusades that Hollywood has put in our minds: glorious and righteous warriors in form of knights leading the crusades, anointed by god to save the Holy land from infidel. In truth the crusades were a series of invasions started by Europeans. The crusades have gained a romantic glow from modern times, that takes away from its bloody, gritty reality. The crusades history of Jerusalem is evident in …show more content…
On the Holy city of Jerusalem itself, the crusaders left little mark. What the crusades built were churches, a number in which survived in excellent condition. The crusades ruled in Jerusalem for 90 years. in 1187 the sultan saladin defeated the army of the latin and took control for 2 brief periods in the 13th century, then the crusades took over again-but only by treaty with Muslim Ayyubids in which they refused to let Christians visit the sacred temple mount.Most Christian crusaders were not even Christian.
After Saladin's conquest, the Latin kings ruled from the coastal cities of Tyre and Acre, but not Jerusalem. In the late 13th century, a new force was risen in Egypt, the Mamluks, an class of fierce warriors in which they arrested power from the Ayyubids. Regaining Crusader possessions, The last outpost, The city of Acre fell in 1291-putting an end to the European presence in Palestine.The Crusades were expensive; as the number of wars doubled, cost escalated. The pope called upon the rich for help,The total cost to King Louis IX of France of the 1284-1285 Crusades were estimated around 1,537,570 livres, six times the King's annual

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