Essay On The Fourth Crusade

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In the year 1202 a new crusade was made and it was called the Fourth Crusade. The fourth crusade was created in 1202 and ended in 1204. It only lasted for two years and in those two years they did many things.
The genuine creator of the Fourth Crusade was the well known as Pope Innocent III. Youthful, excited, and driven for the greatness of the Papacy, he revived the arrangements of Pope Urban II and looked for afresh to join the strengths of Christendom against Islam. No ruler or lord addressed his summons, however various knights took the crusader's pledge. None of the Crusades, after the Third, affected much in the Holy Land; either their compel was spent before achieving it, or they were occupied from their motivation by various questions and aspirations. The crusaders of the Fourth expedition caught Constantinople
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Standards whipped from each masthead, some bearing the lion of Venice, others accused of the crests of the noblest places of France. Driving the armada was the state galley of Doge Enrico Dandolo, the chosen duke of the Venetian Republic. He was over 80 years old and almost visually disabled, however he was undimmed in energy and capacity.
The objective of this campaign, this Fourth Crusade was to win back the blessed city of Jerusalem. Conquered by Islamic armed forces in the seventh century, it had been recovered for Christendom by the First Crusade in 1099. In 1187, amid the Second Crusade and only 15 years before the doge's armada set sail, Jerusalem tumbled to the Muslim Saladin, who then stalemated a recuperation endeavor by the Third Crusade in 1189-1192. The Fourth Crusade was to take after another procedure which was to strike at Egypt, the base of Muslim power but it was never

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