Jehoram of Israel

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  • Peretz Hirschbein And The Dybbuk: Film Analysis

    Produced in the late 1930s, Peretz Hirschbein’s The Vow and S. Ansky’s The Dybbuk follow similar storylines with acute differences that portray a vast array of thematic messages to the audience. In The Vow, Hirschbein depicts two close friends in yeshiva who took an oath that their children would marry. As time passes, the two children, Jacob and Rachel, are born. However, they live vastly different lives. Jacob is sent to the prestigious Vilno to study the holy scriptures and commentary of the…

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  • The Importance Of Oppression In The Workplace

    The first time I felt like I was othered was just after I moved to Brooklyn from my native home of Trinidad. My neighborhood was culturally diverse but divided. For example, you knew when you were in a “Jewish” area because it was much cleaner and more affluent. The transition was immediate as you stepped onto the sidewalk in a Jewish community. Buildings would look newer, more pristine and even the sidewalk were free from gum, garbage and drug accoutrements. The Hebrews were very adamant about…

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  • Mental Health Consequences Of War

    low grades in school. In order to gain more insight of the traumas inflected upon the Palestinian people by Israel, I will study the article, “Community Psychology Under Colonial Occupation: The Case of Palestine” by Mark Burton, which discusses his first-hand accounts of traveling to Palestine in 2013. He provides in great details how the state of Palestine became to be known as Israel. As well as the struggles the Palestinians have to go through on a daily basis. “Maltreatment and Coping…

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  • The Chosen By Chaim Potok: Summary

    Social – Postwar America in the mid and late twentieth century was the age of social change ranging from equal rights to popular music. World War II has allowed has allowed America to finally break free from the Great Depression. There was much focus on the industry part of society and America was kept well busy. What was almost hidden behind this era was those who lived in poverty. There seemed to be a large gap between the rich and the poor at this time. The wealthy were a big part of the ever…

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  • Summary Of Mishnah Sanhedrin: Rescue

    “Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world”, Mishnah Sanhedrin Rescue in Albania Introduction The Holocaust was the biggest disaster in modern Jewish history, and the largest genocide in the 20th century; the Nazi regime and their allies brutally killed close to six millions innocent Jews (more than two thirds of Jewish population in Europe at that time). With Adolf Hitler’s appointment as a chancellor of Germany, life of Jews changed very significantly. Starting in…

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  • Gamal Abdel Nasser: The Champion Of Egypt

    freedom.” Therefore, serving as a united front would strengthen the national and truly show Egypt’s independence. In addition, Pan-Arab ideology suggested that all of the Arab world’s problems were due to colonialism. Pan-Arabism also stated that Israel (“Zionist Entity”) was the spearhead of this Western colonialism (Isseroff). Furthermore, when he discovered that Britain and the United States had tried to recruit Iraq (an Arab State) into the Baghdad Pact, an infuriated Nasser launched a major…

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  • Adolf Hitler's Use Of Objectivity In The Holocaust

    The Holocaust was a very important event in human history. A lot of people are very distraught due to this tragic event that a lot of people wish never happened. In the Holocaust Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s killed 6 Million innocent Jews. Objectivity is shown in this article because, they are showing all the things that actually happened and they are showing and speaking on facts. This statement is an objective statement and is backed up by facts. It is proven through all the cruel things that…

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  • Anti-Semitism In Judaism

    Anti-Semitism is basically the hostility that the Jews were faced with as a religious group. The term semites gives people a false impression that all Semitic People, which includes Arabs, face this prejudices which is false. This term come into common usage in the 19th century but anti-Jewish incident happened long before that. Jews were the target of religious prejudices under the notion that “the Jews killed Jesus.” Furthermore, it will attain to explain why that belief became so popular in…

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  • History On Trial Analysis

    In Mark Baker’s text The Fiftieth Gate and Deborah Lipstadt’s text History on Trial, the authors’ representations of ideas and history and memory are crucial to their discussion of the Holocaust. By choosing to represent history and memory through the validations of individual experiences and an untenable truth, both authors show the impact of gaining understanding rather than an ultimate truth. The Fiftieth Gate and History on Trial each discuss the importance of affirming individual stories as…

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  • Compare And Contrast Anne Frank

    Imagine being born a certain way and being punished for who you were born as. Well Anne Frank didn’t have to imagine this, instead this was her reality. Anne Frank was born a Jew and grew up her first years of childhood as a normal kid. Soon her life turned around and her and all of the Jew population was being punished. The play and the movie were different and alike in many ways, but after analyzing both, the movie is much more preferred. The story of Anne Frank. (Based on The Diary of Anne…

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