Jehoram of Israel

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  • Problematizing A Palestinian Diaspora By Juliet Peteet

    during the post-colonial period in the Middle East as one of the most unresolved and controversial conflicts in human history. The year 1948 marks the beginning of the Palestinian al-ghurba (exile) as well as the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel. The founding of the new state is often described as Al-Nakba, meaning “the catastrophe or disaster”, referring directly to the 700,000 Palestinian Arabs who fled or were expelled from their homes during Israel’s war of independence, alone.…

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  • The Holocaust: Types Of Resistance During The Holocaust

    Types of Resistance During The Holocaust “To the Jewish, fighting and survival were the same” (“Encyclopedia of The Holocaust”, 1,265). As most people know during the Holocaust Jewish people and others were persecuted by the Nazis and their supporters. The people who were persecuted would often resist in an attempt to survive the cruelty, these are the different ways they resisted. One of the main places that they resisted was in the ghettos. “Some ghettos like the one in Warsaw were not…

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  • The Light Ahead Film Analysis

    Produced in 1939 by Edgar G. Ulmer, The Light Ahead highlights a transition away from past superstitious beliefs toward Jewish Enlightenment thinking. The film is set in a small village of Glupsk, which serves to portray Jewish shtetl life as a juxtaposition to big city life. In his film, Ulmer pushes for the furtherance of Jewish Enlightenment through underlining stark contrasts in opinion between religious leaders of the village and Mendele, a book peddler and Jewish Enlightenment thinker.…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel

    The experience of war is different for all involved. Victims feel pain. They are isolated and forgotten, thinking no one remembers their plight. Especially those who are physically removed from their communities and homes, locked in prisons and concentration camps, unsure of what each moment will hold. And then there are those who watch situations develop and unfold. They read the headlines, feel a momentary sadness as they think about the prisoners, but then move on to the next event in…

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  • Theme Of The Holocaust In Elie Wiesel's Night

    The author of Night, Elie Wiesel, takes the readers through a journey, during a place in time no one wants to visit. The victims during the holocaust were scarred for life “Wiesel and many survived victims wish they could forget what happened, but all say “Never shall I forget” to imply the wish, yet inability to forget” (Nurick para.2). The holocaust was an anti-Semitic event that discriminated Jews as an ethnic, religious, or racial group. Jews were sent to concentration camps, and were…

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  • Differences Between Mizrahi And Ashkenazi

    It is now more than fifty years since the State of Israel was established. It has passed the initial stages of nation-building and is today, in many respects, a Western, technological society. It was built on the experience of ideologically driven Jewish settlement which began in the nineteenth century. Israel has a background of the Holocaust, ongoing military struggle with neighboring countries, and the necessity of absorbing unprecedented numbers of new immigrants from very different culture.…

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  • The Gentile Mission Analysis

    The Gentile mission caused mixed emotions of support and opposition due to particular people’s initial struggles with their viewpoint on the matter, as Gentiles held an unfavorable status among the Jewish society, and some wavered between where they stood. The result, however, was ultimately a division between groups of people who either supported or opposed such an outreach. The key earthly players leading up to the outreach of the Gentiles included Cornelius, Peter, and an angel of the Lord.…

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  • The Prioress's Tale By Chaucer

    The medieval narratives created about Jews and foreigners succeeded at exemplifying their otherness. Very distinct language was used to create a powerful binaries between the purity of Christianity and the danger of otherness. But narratives are only stories, stories only words, and words only…well words or are they? Can narratives transcend from only words and into actions? According to Miri Rubin “people act through narratives” and she implores us to “think of narrative as a mode of organizing…

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  • Analysis Of Rashid Khalidi's Sowing Crisis

    Sowing Crisis explains how the Cold war and policies taken by the U.S. have spilled over into today and how it has affected modern U.S. relations with the Middle East. Rashid Khalidi feels that wartime and postwar moves in North Africa and Iran, as well as U.S. air bases in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Morocco, and Turkey, marked the beginning of “an American role as the major Middle Eastern Power, a reality that was masked for a time by the power and proximity to the region of the USSR (Page 9).”…

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  • The Merchant Of Venice Conflict Essay

    Shylock shows the intriguing conflict between the Christians and the Jews in Venice. Shylock immediately shows his hatred for Antonio, as he says in an aside, “I hate him for he is a Christian; But more, for that in low simplicity He lends out money gratis”. This shows his loathing for Antonio based on that fact that he dislikes Christians and highlighting the conflict between Christians and Jews in Venice, furthermore, Antonio is seen as a rival in his business, this further emphasizes the…

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