Cruelty Theme In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Cruelty describes something that is beyond evil, such as the acts that the Nazis committed towards the Jews showing the theme of inhumanity to man. In the memoir, Night, by Elie Wiesel he describes the way that the Nazis treat him and the other Jews, which is horrific and progressively worsens. When Wiesel first arrives at the camp he is seperated from his mom and sisters, unfortunately he did not know that it would be the last time he would ever see them, “I saw them disappear into the distance . . . And I did not know that in that place, at that moment, I was parting from my mother and Tzipora forever.” (Wiesel, 29). Even after Wiesel lost his mother and sister, he contines to suffer because he experiences more death and maltreatment in the concentration camps. As Wiesel and his father arrive at Auschwitz, they start to realize that a nightmare was awaiting for them. Wiesel, his father, and some other Jews transfer to a barrack where a Gypsy is in charge. His father asks a simple question if he may go to a bathroom, but the Gyspy responds with an unnecessary slap that knocks his father to the ground. Wiesel is so terrified of what he just witnessed that he doesn’t do anything, however as his journey continues him and his father are sent to a camp called Buna where Wiesel works in a warehouse. …show more content…
While Elie is exploring, he sees Idek with a Polish girl and realizes that is why him along with hundreds of other prisoners were sent to the warehouse; he finds this funny and bursts out laughing, but Idek caught him and threatened him of what was coming to him. Elie ends up getting lashed twenty-five times as punishment for what he saw between Idek and the Polish girl, “I no longer felt anything except the lashes of the whip” (57). Although this hurt him, it is more painful for him to watch younger people die in such a horrendous

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