Jehoram of Israel

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  • History Of Jerusalem: Central And Holy Land Of The Jewish People

    epicenter of an entire religion? Jews once flocked to Jerusalem to visit the temples and even when those temples had been destroyed, the remained faithful to their holy land. Reasons as to why can be negotiated, but the historical lineage of Jerusalem and Israel is one that will always tie Judaism to its central holy place. The Jewish people are held to God by a covenant and anything that derives from that covenant is sacred and valuable to them. One main reason Jerusalem remains so important…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Romans 1

    The general impression of the first sections of Romans leaves me with the idea Paul was trying to get the point across of how much trouble we as the human race are in with God. He was making very clear how all humans have taken God’s gift of creation and turned our backs on him. He wants us to understand that we in no way deserve the grace God has bestowed on us. Another impression I have is the new community of believers appear torn between what Jews are entitled to and what Gentiles are…

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  • Arab Oil Embargo

    Israel and its supporters, mainly the United States, are seen as an extension of colonialism. In the Middle East, European colonialism obliterated Arab sovereignty through its political and economic takeover (Alnasrawi 7). The epicenter of this perceived encroachment of Arab autonomy by the West was found in the Jewish state of Israel. The colonial legacy of the British and the French occupations in the Middle East led to the perception of Israel as another imperial force that would infringe…

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  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict Analysis

    are defined as the Arabs who are of mainly members of a Christian, Muslim, or Druze religion and whose historical roots trace to the property defined by the British mandate borders, Palestine. The Israelis are labeled as residents in the state of Israel who have a Jewish religious background and seek refuge in the state in relief of anti-Semitism. The…

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  • Examples Of Figurative Language In Night By Elie Wiesel

    A Gateway to Death In Night, Elie Wiesel explains his sinister experience of the concentration camps and its ruthless captors. When Wiesel witnessed the deaths and tortures of his race, he became bitter and pessimistic. When he watched the Jews burn, starve, or beaten to death by the captors, Wiesel felt that God was no longer on the Jews’ side. He felt that all hope was lost and that his death was near. Wiesel expresses his emotion and experience through figurative language, such as the Jews’…

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  • The Messiah: Revled, Revealed, Received By William Varner

    The book “The Messiah: Revealed, Rejected, Received” by William Varner explains to us what a messiah is and why we even need a messiah.. The book shows that when the Jews wanted God to send them down someone they were not satisfied with what God had in store for them. Lastly we see who the messiah God sent is, and how that after most people walked away from the Lord, some were still choosing to follow. As this book goes into great detail addressing all those topics I just mentioned, the overall…

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  • Summary Of The Poem I Cannot Forget

    The Holocaust, also referred to as the Shoah, was a genocide in which nearly six million European Jews were killed by the great dictator Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the World War II associated with the Nazis. In other words Holocaust also means Ethnic cleansing, Deportation or Mass murder, where innocent people were killed and executed. The Holocaust was the organized, officious, the state-sponsored hounding and murder of over six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.…

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  • Analysis Of Still Alive By Ruth Kluger

    Ruth Kluger was born in Vienna, Austria in 1931. She was a Jewish women who experienced the Holocaust with her family. When Hitler came into power she was still a young girl. Hitler invaded Austria and forced everyone of Jewish descent into concentration camps. Kluger and her family were just one of many Jewish families to not only be torn a apart but also endure the horrific events of the Holocaust. Kluger was able to eventually escape from Hitler 's power and she wrote Still Alive. The…

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  • Chandigarh Case Study

    Chapter 1: 1.1. Chandigarh – The new Capital Pakistan and India became independent in August of 1947, after the division with the Punjab Province, which had as a result, India being without capital, as Lahore, the existing at that time capital, became part of Pakistan. The loss of the capital had as a consequence the immediate need of establishment of a new capital (Rüegg, 2010). In March of 1948, the government of India in collaboration with the government of Punjab decided the specific site…

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  • The Challenges Of The Syrian Civil War In The Black Panther

    When viewed from the lens of revolutionary movements, the superhero film Black Panther resembles the current Syrian civil war that originated from the uprising in 2011. The characters in the movie tie into the actors in Syria, like the government and the rebels, as well as Iran and Russia’s involvement. In the movie, T’Challa became the king of Wakanda after his father T’Chaka died. The first challenge that T’Challa faces is from the Jabari Tribe Leader named M’Baku. As T’Challa must defend his…

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