Israel Relationship Essay

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History of Israel Palestine Relationship and Negotiations:

A full timeline of Israel 's key events is contained in Appendix A. The country of Israel was established in 1947 when the UN voted to partition Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states, wish Jerusalem and Bethlehem to be controlled by the UN. In the following years, around 750,000 Palestinian Arabs fled or were expelled from Israel, and up to a million Jewish refugees from Arab countries and 250,000 holocaust survivors settle in Israel. There is historical dispute on the cause of the Palestinian exodus, some left voluntarily (mostly the wealthy avoiding conflict), others left in response to Arab leader 's calls to evacuate, and others left due to expulsion from Israeli government
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When President Carter initially took office, discussions involved Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the Soviet Union and the United States. It evolved into a bilateral negotiation between Israel and Egypt (Stein 1999). This was caused by the desire to reach an agreement, which led to the elimination of parties who were not willing to reach agreement. Sadaf set in motion the path to a bilateral agreement when he visited Jerusalem in November 1977 (Stein 1999). From Sadaf 's perspective, he lacked confidence that consensus between all Arab countries would be reached, and didn 't want an Arab coalition to give up Sinai as a concession. As we know from our studies, multi-lateral negotiations typically morph over time into bilateral ones as parties realize others ' objectives and form coalitions based on mutual motivation. In this negotiation, the natural order would have been for all Arab countries to join a coalition, and Sadaf did not want that to happen. Instead, he preferred to negotiate a bilateral agreement with Israel, with the US as a mediator. From Begin 's perspective, - By ending war with Egypt, Israel would remove the largest and most powerful Arab state from their coalition.(Eisenberg & Caplan,

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