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  • Personal Narrative: A Place In The Woods

    a little overwhelmed by all the trendy stuff they had. This was kind of unusual for me because I don’t normally find myself overwhelmed. I mean, I’m really pretty simple. For me, I find myself most comfortable in just a T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans that I would normally wear while hitting up a kegger. But this place screamed dance party. As I was looking through the items, losing hope by the second, my mama had pulled a God-awful pink dress from one of the racks saying, “This one’s cute…

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  • Character Analysis: A Place For Annie

    A Place for Annie, has done a good job showing how the way you act in front of a child can affect their development. The movie starts out with a newborn baby named Annie coming to the hospital where she gets taken care of by her pediatric nurse Susan. Susan has done a superior job getting close to Annie socially by talking to her and physically by holding and showing her love. In doing this Susan has affected Annie’s development by making her more ready for her years to come. As Annie is the the…

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  • Effects Of Poor Quality Attachment Effects On Babies And Young Children

    Poor quality attachments may have detrimental affects on the development of babies and young children as they need to be able to trust others in order to feel emotionally secure. Without this, children may begin to show anti-social behaviour and aggression towards others. Poor quality attachments may also lead to youth offending. Babies and young children with poor quality attachments may show less interest in exploring their environments and display anxiety or depression later on in life. Q.4…

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  • Role Of Father In Toddlerhood

    Universally, the traditional relationship has been the dominance of the mother-toddler relationship. The role of the father in toddlerhood, however, is increasingly important. According to Fogarty and Evans, fathers need to have direct involvement to meet the needs of the child, and fathers need to have indirect involvement so the child learns important social skills (2009). This is a peculiar statement to make. It is a peculiar statement because it either fails to be culturally sensitive,…

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  • Developmental Counseling And Therapy (DCT)

    Developmental Counseling and Therapy (DCT) was one of Allen Ivey’s many contributions to the field of counseling. He initially developed the idea for this theory when he began to see a need for the incorporation of various counseling theories into a developmental perspective (Littrell, 2001). Barrio and Myers (2008) describe DCT as an integrative approach to counseling that attempts to utilize theories of human development by incorporating developmental ideas into the practice and profession of…

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  • Life Course Theory Essay

    “Throughout our lives, we go through many major changes. Born helpless, we are transformed through the years -- from infant to child to adolescent to adult. And through it all, we are shaped by our families, our communities, and our society” (Human Development, 2015, para. 1). This perceptive made me really think about my development and, with the help of this class, explore my life through the lens of the Life coarse Theory. Glen H. Elder helped to revolutionize Life coarse Theory to include…

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  • Analysis Of Wide Sargasso Sea By Jean Rhys

    In a traditional novel, the author composes the story to describe fictional character and events usually in the form of a sequence. On the other hand, Jean Rhys subverts traditional literary structure by having multiple characters narrate the story. Rhys wrote the novel to include racial, gender and cultural identity to help the reader understand what it meant to be a ‘Jamaican mad women’ rather than just a mad woman. She uses the three factors to give the story meaning. By having more than…

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  • Theories Of Intelligence And Cognitive Dissonance Theory: Case Study

    and what is wrong. Instead morality is something that is taught and learned over time and can be influenced by culture and social interactions. In 1958, Lawrence Kohlberg developed the Theory of Moral Development and his theory was an expansion to Jean Piaget’s Theory on Moral Development. Kohlberg defined six stages of morality: Obedience and Punishment Orientation, Individualism and Exchange, good interpersonal relationships, Maintaining the social order, Social contract and individual rights…

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  • Characteristics Of Child Development

    Identifying Developmental Characteristics The legal traditions in our country has, on all occasions, regarded between adults and children when it comes to distinctions in characteristics in development. As we take a look at the accounts of a child’s social scientific capacities we will be able to distinguish the proper treatment for a child, under the age of six years old, versus the treatment of an adult. The focus of the rights of a child will be analyzed and reflected in the theory…

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  • Case Study Of Clarice P. Jones Referral Information

    Clarice P. Jones Referral Information: Clarice Precious Jones was referred to me by Ms. Weiss at the welfare office. While Ms. Jones stated she would no longer be relying on welfare, Ms. Weiss felt it was important that Ms. Jones was set up with an opportunity for counseling and therapeutic services. She was referred to me because I offer very low cost services on a sliding scale in a facility that runs much like a clinic for mental health services. From Ms. Weiss’ referral information, I…

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