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  • Childhood Observation

    Emotional: An eight-year-old is more emotional develop than when he was younger. He might have the tendency to demonstrate more complex emotions and interactions. I observed the way in which Roberto would work through a problem without the assistance of his parents or grandparents. For example, serving his own food, drinks, and opening or closing their garage door. Eight years old may also quick change their emotions and as I was observing him I noticed one specific event. One very early morning…

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  • ISU Child Observation

    I observed at the ISU child observation lab in lab 2, the two and three year olds. I paid close attention to one boy and one girl. 1. Adult/Teacher Interaction During my observation, most of time the teachers talked in infant-directed speech. One example was the teacher saying, “Let’s sit down and be quiet so we can listen to the story.” I decided that it was infant-directed speech because their voices were slower and higher pitched than normal and were also more emotionally charged. They are…

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  • Definition Essay On Being An Adult

    Introduction: What is the goal every child and teenager? What is the definition of freedom and liberty for the young mind? Being an adult of course, the end goal of every weighing child, and snoopy teenager. Each letter of an adult is a definition for the word itself and each one someone can relate to with experience. Thesis: The definition of an adult and how it affects the person. Main Idea 1: A- attitude Supporting detail 1: An adult should have both a negative and positive attitude in…

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  • Cognitive Development Theory

    Cognitive development is all about the way a person thinks. According to these theorists, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, David Elkind, and Benjamin Bloom, there are many different ways of thinking. Jean Piaget believed development occurred in four different stages of thinking. He considers the stages to be universal as the individual develops throughout their environments. The first stage sensorimotor focused on birth until 2 years old is basically the motor skills along with sensory organs…

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  • Sensorimotor Stage

    A. Sensorimotor stage (0 to 2 years) The sensorimotor period is between zero and two years. An important step is the recognition of form. Look like a baby four months agitated when you show him his bottle or his favorite toy. He remembers the pleasure it gives him and he wishes. Another sign of its evolution is to understand causality: if I make an action that creates a result. Many toys are designed to help the child to assimilate the concept of cause and effect. All activity centers, tops,…

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  • Early Childhood Playgrounds

    Playgrounds can be found all over neighborhoods, towns, and schools and provide an excellent way for children in early and middle childhood to develop and work on physical growth in a safe way. Children go through a sensitive period which is a point in development when organisms are susceptible to stimuli in their environments (Feldman, 2017). Gross and fine motor skills are able to be developed further through play in an environment such as parks and are different for children in the early and…

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  • Cognitive Development In Cooperative Play

    Introduction Play according to Allen & Delahunty (2007) means engaging in various recreational activities for entertainment. Play is an essential role of a child's development and growth, it helps children especially during their preschool educational stage to develop physically socially and emotionally, allowing children to develop social interaction with their peer and caregivers(Townsend, Mayekiso & Ntshangase, 2016 p.73). However, the essence of play comprehends elements of learning,…

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  • Analysis Of Piaget's Four Stages Of Cognitive Development

    Piaget, Sensorimotor stage, Object Permanence. The Sensorimotor Stage Jean Piaget was a clinical psychologist from Switzerland. He is best known for being the pioneer who developed the stages of cognitive development. The fields in which he worked were Developmental Psychology as well as Epistemology. Piaget was born on August 9, 1896 and died on September 16, 1980. He was 84 years old when he died. Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development According to the book Psychology in Everyday Life…

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  • Kohlberg's Cognitive Development Theory Of Moral Development

    Early adulthood imposes new challenges and it causes us to cognitively develop. The older we get the more our gross and fine motor skills refine. We are concrete problem-solvers and have the ability to overcome new situations and difficulties. Many early-aged adults believe they have the solution to every problem. In early adulthood we have been through the final stages of formal operation, however there has been a dispute regarding if there is a higher stage of formal operations. Evidentially,…

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  • Multiplication And Division

    The four essential operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and their interaction are primary concepts to be taught at the knowledge level of primary schooling. Getting those four concepts and their interaction allows learners to create their knowledge for numbers and as well as connecting them with everyday life problems. Multiplication and division are presented for the first time in our primary schools from Infant II. According to our National Curriculum, Infant II…

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