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  • Child Development Theories

    studied these developmental milestones, and put them into broad stages of development, which many children go through during certain time frames. Jean Piaget, one of the most well known child development theorist, formed the Cognitive Development Theory which has helped educators to understand a child’s cognitive abilities from birth to early adolescence. Jean Piaget disagreed with behavioral theorists who believed that a child’s learning depended on reinforcers. He believed that a child’s…

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  • Erikson's Psychosocial Theory Of Human Development

    Evolution of Education Theories According to Bredekamp (2014), theories perform an explanation of how information and observations are organized to relate to one another (p.101). As children grow through time, their experiences and brain activity develop differently. Over the years research has shown that theories are in fact evolving overtime due to the changes in the way children learn. Theories that have been made often affect the way people, educators, parents, doctors behave. Some…

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  • School Case Study Another Typical Day Mrs. Arling

    In order to have effective instruction, teachers need an understanding of child development. Children experience changes socially, emotionally, and behaviorally throughout their years in school. Teachers can implement research-based strategies to help promote a positive and accepting environment where these changes can take place. In the case study “Another Typical Day,” Mrs. Arling must meet the social and emotional demands and needs of her students, while ensuring that they are making…

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  • Mila's Narrative Report

    i. Physical  Gross Motor Mila did a lot of movements in the Baby Day as an active toddler. She explored the lawn are a lot, and she moved from one spot to another one several times. In addition, she threw the red ball frequently to different directions, and after she threw it, she would get it and returned it to her mother. Moreover, she tried to bring the big basket to her mother. Also, when she saw the guy played the guitar, she tried to dance. All of these big muscle movements are gross…

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  • Piaget's Theory Of Factor Analysis

    As children grow older, they go through a process labeled as child development. When a child develops throughout his or her life, they hit milestones referred to as developmental stages. With childhood development, comes theories of development that provide a framework for thinking about human growth, development, and learning. The Six-Substages of the Sensorimotor stage are characterized by a general cognitive structure that affects all of the child 's thinking. Development from one stage to…

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  • Smart Start Preschool Program

    The Smart Start Pre School Program “The developmental potential of a day care or preschool setting depends on the extent to which supervising adults create and maintain opportunities for the involvement of children in a variety of progressively more complex (ongoing) activities and interpersonal structures that are commensurate with the child’s evolving capacities and allow (the child) sufficient balance of power to introduce innovations.”- Bronfenbrenner (1979).The preschool years are the…

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  • Long Term Effects Of Divorce On Children Essay

    Divorce is a topic that is important to me because my friends and I have divorced or separated parents. My parents’ divorced when my sister and I were three and five years old. All I remember form my parents’ marriage was constant arguments. When I was five, I told my mom that I would rather her and my dad not be together if they’re going to yell at each other. My dad remarried in 2009 to my stepmom, then after five years of marriage they divorced. Unfortunately, divorce touches two in every…

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  • 'Puberty At 10: How If Affects Girls': Article Summary

    In the article “Puberty at 10: How If Affects Girls” Scientist have opposite opinions about what is and what is not ordinary in reference to early puberty. There has been a steady decline in the age that children are hitting puberty specifically girls, Becky Holmes happens to be one of them. Scientist’s believe in the importance in finding the cause of early puberty because it could potentially become a health concern for the future. Early puberty not only could become a health risk but, it’s an…

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  • Centrifugal Bumble Puppy Analysis

    What is “Centrifugal Bumble Puppy”? Why is it important for games to require a complicated apparatus? Centrifugal Bumble Puppy is a game. It is played with kids circled around a chrome steel tower and a ball is thrown up so it can land on top of the tower. Then it goes down through the interior of the tower and come out through a whole and it has to be caught. The kids are taught to rely on the complex machinery and it increases the consumption of material goods and therefore to boost the…

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  • MOHO Vs PEOP Case Study

    In occupational therapy, Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) and Person- Environment- Occupational Performance (PEOP) Model are two fundamental frameworks. MOHO was developed from 1960s onwards by Dr. Gary Kielhofner, which was the first occupation- based model to explain occupation and occupational problems, while PEOP is a client- centred and top- down model, focusing on the relationship between individual, group and community since 1980s. In this essay, these two models will be compared and…

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