Koveralls: The Global Fashion Industry

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Everyone has at least a pair of jeans in the wardrobe, no matter you are aged or young, plump or slim, dressily or plain. This type of garment made from denim can be easily seen, whenever and wherever you walk on streets. Nevertheless, in the 1800s, no one could have predicted that a denim storm blown up from Levi-Strauss would rip through the global fashion industry and have kept the standing room for more than a century ahead.
In 1850, a news fanaticized the public and brought the infinity hope as well as fantasy. Miles and miles of gold mines were discovered in the west regions of America. Bavarian- born Levis rushed for the unfrequented and bleak westward, like others who thirst for being incredibly wealthy immediately. But instead, he
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They offered up-to-the-minute patterns and colors to look for and satisfied prospective customers. In 1912, Koveralls, a one-piece denim playsuit which was designed for children made their appearance. Wearing the Koveralls, youngsters will not get the underneath togs mussed up and dirty when they are romping and playing. In 1918, Levi Strauss introduced Freedom-Alls. This tunic outfit was designed to give women freedom of movement for work and recreation, and release them from the restrictive clothing of the era as well. In 1934, the jeans which are called “Lady Levi’s” were created for women. Levi Strauss started to concentrate on making the appearance of jeans aesthetic. “Lady Levi’s” are made of pre-shrunk denim and constructed with many of the same features of the men’s 501 jeans which were born in 1873. They gave their jeans more feminine allure with a fashionably high, nipped waist. As the number of the potential customers increase, the business of jeans took off in …show more content…
People within those subcultures are obsessed with jeans and endowed them with more meaning. After that, jeans were not only a kind of sturdy, wearable and economical practical trousers, but a way for individuals to express their styles and personalities. They have met with great favor in the fashion industry gradually, and many well-known stars have become huge fans of jeans.
Due to the international trade in peacetime as well as the availability of the communications and transport, jeans, as a sign of freedom and individuation, have spread around the world. Moreover, the development and outflow of the cultural industry brought the star power to every nook and corner of the world. The public, especially for those fashion followers, would like to imitate the dress styles of the well- known. Consequently, jeans have become the fashion pieces that is worth being purchased by everyone.
In recent years, jeans are developed by lots of talented designers with numerous styles and patterns, such as straight leg jeans, boot-cut jeans, skinny jeans, flared jeans, etc. People are free to choose the one that goes with their bodies. Jeans are not only fashionable but comfortable. Everyone has a pair of wonderful jeans in the wardrobe, who

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