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  • Pakistani Culture Essay

    freedom that Pakistani culture and Canadian culture people have in their lives. This is the biggest difference that I have witnessed since I came to Canada. There are numerous cultural differences between Canadians and Pakistanis. I migrated form Pakistan to Canada and the biggest difference that I have noticed myself was the amount independence that Canadians have compared to the Pakistanis. To begin with, the idea of independence in the true form exists in Canadian culture as independence in…

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  • Roles Of Judicial Judges

    The role of the judiciary is to administer justice to all citizens and it comprises of courts that take decisions on a very large number of cases. Judicial independence is the keystone of Canadian judiciary. That is the reason, the judiciary is an independent from other branches of government, the executive and legislative. The main role of a judge is to interpret laws. Judicial independence means that, the other organs of the government must not restrain the functioning and should not interfere…

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  • John Diefenbaker Canadian Bill Of Rights

    John Diefenbaker and the Canadian Bill of Rights John Diefenbaker was the thirteenth Prime minister of Canada. He was elected in 1957, forming the Progressive Conservative Government, and from the beginning of his campaign, he made it a promise that he would create a Bill of Rights for Canada. He was a very progressive Prime Minister who believed in equality and fairness, “Diefenbaker brought diversity into government- he appointed the first woman to a cabinet post and the first Aboriginal…

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  • Nellie Mcclung: A Woman's Suffrage

    Directly from birth, October, 20th 1873, Nellie was, according to the “eyes” of the Canadian Law, not officially recognized as a “person.” Woman were viewed as “the homemakers,” an idea that they belonged at home, in disregarded existence. At time where there was prevalent injustice, bigotry and inferiority directed towards woman, they did not meet the “qualifications” that were required to be acknowledged in the world of male-dominated politics. A reading from Section 24 of the BNA Act…

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  • Government Involvement In French Revolution

    Government involvement is crucial in society. For a nation and its citizens to prosper, government intervention must be imposed. The source which is presented is a quote said by Jean Chretien, who was the former prime minister of Canada, claiming that an influential leader is aware of political systems and as well as, economical operations. Jean Chretien possesses a liberal ideology. He is a communist and his views are left-wing on the spectrum, as in, he claims a prominent leader should…

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  • Rights During Divorce

    In Canadian family law, it states that “various custody statutes make provisions to consider the wishes of the children” (Kronby 78), and that “in every province, there is some official who may be given a mandate by court to represent the interests of a child”…

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  • The Importance Of Human Trafficking In Schools

    In schools, students are taught about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Students are taught about what rights these documents give you, but do not talk about the things that violate them. Human trafficking violates both of these documents, as it using people as currency. As of 2005 (Roots, 1) in the Criminal Code of Canada, under section 279.01 to sections 279.04, it is stated that six offences in the criminal code specifically…

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  • Correctional Violence In Schools

    In recent years, spanking and use of physical discipline towards a child has not only been a hotly debated issue in parenting but in Canadian politics and law as well. For centuries physical acts such as spanking, slapping and grabbing have been popular ways to discipline children, but does that mean such abuse should be justified? Amidst numerous recognition of the rights of children by advocates and the government to monumental societal changes regarding parental discipline, correctional…

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  • Gun Control In Canada

    Gun Control is an important issue to Canadians in today’s society. Society’s concerns about protection from violent crimes involving firearms have encouraged Canadian Parliament to pass tougher gun control legislation. In the early 1800s, Canada lacked a rational/permanent, gun policy. The gun restrictions that did exist were temporary executed during elections and rebellions. The federal government is mainly responsible for guns and gun control in Canada. Legislation covering guns and gun…

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  • Sir John A. Macdonald: The Greatest Canadian

    Sir John A. MacDonald: The Greatest Canadian Sir John A. Macdonald’s strong leadership skills and accomplishments contribute to how Canada is a great nation by, becoming the first prime minister, forming Canada into one country and arguing for women’s rights. He successfully maintained the country, even though he had many hardships. Macdonald was one the most important people in Canadian politics. Firstly, Macdonald had set a precedent when he became the first prime minister of Canada (Johnson…

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