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  • Eleanor Roosevelt Contribution

    A. Plan of the Investigation This investigation analyses the role and how significant Eleanor Roosevelt was in the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). To asses the role that Eleanor Roosevelt played in the drafting of the UDHR, this investigation will focus on “her appointment as U.S. representative to the United Nations from December 1945 until January 1953”(Beasley 214) and how this “led to her leadership of the Human Rights Commission, which produces the Universal…

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  • How Did Jackie Robinson Break The Color Barrier

    opportunity to play major league baseball as an African American, would be that even though he was African American, he followed his heart and fought for what he really, truly wanted and that was to play major league baseball. I believe that no matter your race, religion, age, decade you live in, you have the right to do and be anything you want. Many that knew Jackie, did not support or believe in him for wanting to play major league…

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  • Olympics Research Paper

    Becoming a participate of the Olympics is a hard task, an athlete must first comply with the Olympic Charter and follow the rules of the International Federation governing the sport. There is no specific age limit but the youth Olympics are from age 15 to 18. In the United States in order to make it to the trials you must meet the “B” standard. The International Olympic Committee are currently allowing transgender men to compete in the male category and transgender women to compete in the women…

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  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela” campaign in 1980, that made him a household name and also served as fuel for the fire of the international push against South Africa’s discrimination regime. Eventually pressure mounted, and the South African government began to negotiate the freedom of…

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  • How Did Adolf Hitler Contribute To The Rise Of New Germany

    During the early 1930’s, at a time of high unemployment, poverty, famine, and governmental chaos, the Nazi Party in Germany gained growing support. Adolf Hitler was the leader of this extreme right-wing political party, the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party. The Nazis persecuted Jews, Roma Gypsies, political opponents, and many others, blaming the failures of Germany in the past as attributable to the Jews (Rothman). Hitler and his regime promised hope of a “new Germany” to those…

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  • Glocalization Of Soccer In America Analysis

    Edgar Campos it talks about their new concept glocalization and how they’re trying to use soccer to help. They use soccer because it is the most popular sport and they’re trying to infuse it with American culture. It also talks about the International Champions Cup (ICC) which is a soccer tournament where big teams from Europe come to the United States to play. They infuse American sporting values into the most popular sport. Club chants turn into pop music playing over the sound system, players…

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  • Dirt Bikes Case Study

    Dirt Bikes USA provides value to its customers by manufacturing bikes of a superior standard (using the best quality parts), their off-roading race performance, efficient and user-friendly forums, and providing mechanical maintenance when needed. The company has taken many routes in order to build a rapport with and secure a relationship with their customers. For example, the majority of their…

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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey: An Analysis

    intelligence reaching high level knowledge to near sentience is just a Sci-Fi fad that will pass, a mere myth. Others would go even farther, as to say that A.I. is essential to our advancements as humans and without it we can’t survive or thrive as a race. Googlies, or over-obsessive fans of Google’s “ideals”, believe that Google is correct in joining DeepMind, an A.I. development firm to work on a driverless car. Like those will be safe for people, if a situation occurs that the car can’t…

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  • Gaines Thesis

    Canadians had always displaced discrimination as an American problem and failed to recognize that race was a pertinent issue at home. Austin’s purpose is to show how Caribbeans and Afro-Canadians were significant in exposing racial discrimination in Canada. Austin views the Montreal Congress favorably stating that intellectuals were able to come together…

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  • European Colonialism: New Imperialism

    territorial disputes caused by military collisions, Bismarck managed to preserve balance of power in Europe and simultaneously strengthen German position due to the efficient negotiations and system of alliances. The Chancellor "remained undisputed world champion at the game of multilateral diplomatic chess… [and] devoted himself exclusively, and successfully, to maintaining peace between the powers" (Eric Hobsbawm, The Age of Empire: 1875–1914 (1987)) Nevertheless, diplomatic methods of…

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