Eleanor Roosevelt Contribution

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A. Plan of the Investigation

This investigation analyses the role and how significant Eleanor Roosevelt was in the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). To asses the role that Eleanor Roosevelt played in the drafting of the UDHR, this investigation will focus on “her appointment as U.S. representative to the United Nations from December 1945 until January 1953”(Beasley 214) and how this “led to her leadership of the Human Rights Commission, which produces the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one of the most important documents of the twentieth century.”(Beasley 214) The investigation will analyse the key role that Eleanor Roosevelt played in the drafting, and how she was the force behind the UDHR. Following
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Beasley provides a clear, and detailed account of the origins regarding Eleanor Roosevelt’s influence and the position she obtained in drafting the UDHR. The purpose of this source is to analyse how Roosevelt got involved with the United Nations (UN), and how her travels influenced the UDHR. Eleanor Roosevelt: Transformative First Lady was published by the University Press of Kansas in 2010. This is a value as time could be taken finding different sources, and analyse them, as it contains a wide range of bibliographical references, the book comes across as credible, citing from where information was taken from. However, a limitation can be seen as the book uses older references. A biased view towards Eleanor Roosevelt’s work can be seen, as not all documents from the 1940s onwards may still exist. A value is also that numerous of Roosevelt’s own quotes are incorporated into the book, to better show, how she began working with the UN. Quoting Roosevelt, sets a clear value within the book, allowing the reader to get to know her opinion, and draw their own opinions. Images are used to show Roosevelt’s work through her travels, and …show more content…
Eleanor Roosevelt: Transformative First Lady, gives a very clear summary about Roosevelt’s travels and influence in the UDHR. A value is that the source is written in a very simple manor, stating various important facts, which are supported through the corporation of images. A limitation would be that the book, Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery, goes into detail about Roosevelt’s role and influence in the UDHR, very briefly. A limitation is that the book divides up the main aspects in Roosevelt’s life, thus not projecting a chronological order of her involvement with the

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