Theodore Roosevelt Informative Essay

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Karah Keene
U.S. History 2, 4th hour
Mr. Lentz
4, November 2016


Thesis: As one of the most active Presidents in foreign affairs, Teddy Roosevelt was known for his policies, and

“The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything,” (McCullough). These are the wise words of our country’s twenty-sixth and youngest President Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 to Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and Martha Bulloch, ( One could say that Roosevelt was a stubborn child; he hated the nickname “Teddy” and preferred Theodore or T.R. only, ( Roosevelt did not grow up like the normal child for many reasons. Due to his severe asthma Roosevelt was homeschooled by private tutors, (
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Roosevelt centered the American government around the President rather than congress, ( Roosevelt was a people person, and it was his goal to make American society reasonable and fair for the American people. Roosevelt was not a great President because he wanted to leave behind a great legacy, he was a great president that left behind a great legacy because he did what was best for his country with the interests of its people in mind. Roosevelt also goes down in history as the first president to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919 after ending the war between Japan and Russia, ( “He left behind a folk consensus that he had been the most powerfully positive American leader since Abraham Lincoln,” (Morris). This quote rings true because Roosevelt truly was the man people read about in history books today. Not only is Roosevelt remembered for his foreign affair policies, but he is also remembered for his many acts as president. People in America can thank Roosevelt every time they eat meat or use medicine. Before Roosevelt Americans could not trust the system. Not only did Roosevelt pass those inspections, he also passed the Hepburn act as well as the Square Deal, ( The Hepburn act allowed Americans to pay fair wages on railroads, and the square deal lowered the price of coal. Roosevelt truly is the definition of a legacy to be remembered

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