Progressive Era Reforms: Theodore Roosevelt As The 26th American President

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Progressive Era Reforms
Question One
Theodore Roosevelt stands as the 26th American president. He remembered so much because of the progressive era reforms. He played a role that has led to changes in the society that are felt to date. First, he remembered for inventing the modern presidency. He came up as a presidential peacemaker who averted so many wars through diplomacy and fought bravely in the Spanish-American War. This made US to be at peace with most of its neighbors.
Secondly, Roosevelt argued for government’s role in controlling the economy. He started by pushing the executive powers to new limits while arguing that the rise of industrial capitalism had rendered limited government obsolete. Thus, he
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Therefore, several amendments and laws were passed to effect this.
First, there was the passing of the anti-trust regulation. Progressives wanted more fairness in the US capitalist economy. The fear was that if business became too bid, they would exploit the consumers and endanger small businesses. They therefore called for government’s intervention in order to regulate the size and power of corporations. Some of the laws and government agencies that were set up to spearhead these were Interstate Commerce Commission (and the Hepburn Act), the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, and The Federal Trade Commission.
Secondly, the era brought about an initiative, referendum, recall and popular election of senators (17th amendment). This opened doors for wider political participation and return power to the people. It eliminated corrupt and concentrated power.
The progressive also led to the passing of the Factory Safety Regulations, which limited working hours for workers and especially women. The regulations also brought about compensation for workers for injuries caused during their duties at work. Most states passed these laws as well as others like factory inspection laws, workers compensation and laws on minimum age of
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Therefore, then owners of the factory were acquitted. Despite that, there was more pressure on reforms from unions and the public. This led to enforcement of fire safety laws and every factory up to date has automatic sprinklers, fire drills and marked exit doors that open easily.
This incident led to the birth of the progressive era reforms. Support for women’s rights heightened and presidential candidates like Roosevelt and Perkins reshaped their agenda for the nation. The local legislations became the New Deal agenda for workers rights and protections.
Over one hundred years later, the memories of this tragedy are still felt in the New York state. In the current times, nearly 7% of American workers in the private industry belong to a union. Most unions for public employees in the US are currently under siege. Even though the working conditions are not as bad as the ones for the Triangle Factory, there are still low-skilled workers who are largely undocumented immigrants. They are still being exploited, and paid low wages. Similar conditions are witnessed with American overseas factories who still keep workers in hazardous conditions.

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