How Did Franklin D Roosevelt Change America

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Franklin D. Roosevelt was a strong, accomplished,leader who changed america forever. His greatest accomplishments consist of creating the Works Progress Administration program, the FDIC, and the Securities Exchange Commission( The Great Depression ). President franklin D. Roosevelt is a much respected, american, hero. When President Roosevelt was first inaugurated, his power to change America and possibly end the Great Depression was shown by winning a clearance of over twelve important laws in under one hundred days in office. Once Roosevelt earned his trust with all of America, he showed the country that when times are tough, he could still be positive. Roosevelt showed the United States his calming but powerful quote which created a great wave of optimism when he proclaimed, “ The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” (The Great Depression). His quote was trying to explain the citizens of The United States that the only thing that they should be afraid of, is their own fear.
First, President Franklin Roosevelt helped change America by creating a program called the Works Progress Administration
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The Federal Deposit Commission was created by Roosevelt to make sure that all depositors accounts were safe and protected. The Federal Deposit Commission promised to ensure any money made out to banks so people would at least know there wouldn't be a Great Depression part two. President Roosevelt created it as a way to reform the system of finance and make it stable enough to last for a long time. Roosevelt’s Federal Deposit Insurance Commission was so successful that to this day it is still in effect. Some may argue that franklin D. Roosevelt’s experimenting was fered and he had taken them off the gold standard, however much evidence shows that Roosevelt had changed America forever by completely reforming the financial

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