Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Natural Born Leader

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FDR: A Natural Born Leader
During his inaugural speech in 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “The only thing we have to fear itself,” (Roosevelt) in attempt to inform the country that he is going to help them pull out of their current economic downfall. The 1930’s marked some of this country’s darkest times. Not only did the Great Depression strike, but the Dust Bowl, one of the worst droughts in U.S history, occurred during this time as well. In 1932, the peak of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to be President of the United States, winning all but six states in his favor ("Biography: Franklin D. Roosevelt").The election alone showed that Roosevelt had potential as a long-needed worthy President and he proved his
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This was one of his long term plans to keep the nation going for years to come. The idea of Social Security was to allow funds to be available to those who are retired to help prevent them from going bankrupt. The funds produced are the parts of ones paycheck history that the government took out of each month. “Rather than have a portion of the employee 's paycheck set aside, to pay for future benefits of that employee and that employee alone, the tax on the paycheck would be appropriated into a ‘trust fund’ that would finance the entire program without additional expense from the general budget,” (Wolfe). This concept allowed much more than helping each individual. By placing each worker’s set-aside funds into one general fund, Social Security allowed the retired to use the available funds that are currently being placed in there by the work force. This is what allowed the Social Security program to take effect immediately and have funds available immediately. This genius idea gave the retired and the American work force a more promising future to look forward to. Franklin D. Roosevelt gave hope to the whole United States and displayed him as a strong leader. Social Security still holds strong …show more content…
Roosevelt managed to steer the United States out of the Great Depression, organize an entire nation for a world war and battle though a fierce medical history while holding the role as the President of the United States. His New Deal made his first hundred days notorious by proving to the nation that he was going to help pull them out of the Great Depression. He also made a national speech that was over five minutes long declaring war against Japan as well as leading the drive for the Declaration by United Nations in attempt to gain valuable allies during World War II. Even though he battled through the results of polio and other various medical issues, he still managed to lead a country for as long as he was physically able. These are just a few reasons why Franklin D. Roosevelt should be marked as an extraordinary

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