Triangle Company Case Report

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Theodore Roosevelt accomplished many things during the span of his life. He graduated from Harvard, learned six languages, became president, won a Noble Peace Prize and a medal of honor. When Roosevelt was president the south was ruled by racist laws, while segregation spread across the north. At the time, Roosevelt was considered mild-progressive. He accepted African-Americans, but believed they were behind Americans. He invites Brooker T. Washington to the White House for dinner. He is then later criticized, and he never invited an African-American again. It was during this time, when the heads of the industrial trust controlled the United States, instead of the President. Soon after Roosevelt became president, J.P. Morgan created a powerful …show more content…
One-hundred and forty-six employees died. The lives of the survivors and witnesses would forever be changed. Many of the victims were immigrant women. They were seeking out a better life in the United States, but fell into the trap of sweatshops. The Triangle Company incident shed light on the building’s health hazards. Such as the emergency stairs not having the capacity to hold enough weight and the employers would lock the exit doors, therefor trapping everyone in the building. This resulted in many people jumping to their deaths. Some firefighters and helpers were crushed by the people jumping from the top floors. Pieces of bodies laid everywhere near the site on the pavement. There were piles of bodies in multiple places within the building. The sight inside shocked everyone. This was one of the worst fires they had ever seen. Bertha Weintrout was the only person who jumped and survived the fall. Several law students helped many jump on to their building by placing a latter in between. Together they managed to save around one-hundred and fifty people from the fire. Also, the law students stated they witness the men kicking and biting the women in order to save themselves from the

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