First Ladies: Eleanor Roosevelt

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Eleanor Roosevelt is best known for her role as First Lady of the United States and wife of former president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt is remembered as one of the most active First Ladies in addition to the longest serving one, presiding during the Great Depression and World War II. Roosevelt was a renowned social and political activist, philanthropist, journalist, educator, and diplomat. Throughout her tenure as First Lady, and in the decades to follow Roosevelt helped found the Freedom House and the United Nations Association. She even served as a U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations during both the Kennedy and Truman administrations (Berger p. 33-45).
Despite Eleanor Roosevelt’s reputation as an extraordinary First Lady,
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Through the duration of World War II the White House abided by the enforced food and gas rations placed on the rest of the country in addition to participating in the planting of a victory garden on the South Lawn. Eleanor Roosevelt believed that promoting patriotism and encouraging a national volunteer force was a vital part of the war effort. Eleanor Roosevelt made it her personal mission to remind the American public what they were fighting for and to provide comfort in the notion that although the nation was facing dangerous times they could find strength within each other. While First Ladies have always risen to the challenge of war, Eleanor Roosevelt surpassed her predecessors with her undying commitment of preserving national pride and serving as an advocate for the everyday man …show more content…
While Eleanor was heavily criticized by some and praised by others, today she is regarded as one of America’s most influential leaders and landed the nick name "the President's eyes, ears and legs" during her tenure. Eleanor Roosevelt went beyond the role of a typical first lady in more ways than one. Eleanor Roosevelt not only tackled issues on the home front such as volunteerism, conservation, and urging women to enter into the work force but she also advocated on behalf of all soldiers rights in addition to refuges and interned Americans. Eleanor Roosevelt has been called one of the most influential women of the twentieth century, a title which is well deserved considering all of her contributions not only as a First Lady of war but as a functioning member of society. Eleanor Roosevelt reinvented the role of First Lady and made a mark on the nation that will impact dozens of generations to come

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