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  • Forensic Science Achievements

    Forensic Sciences: the History, the Advancements, and the Achievements Could you get away with murder? Hundreds of years ago you probably could, but today with all the advancements that have been made in technology and forensic science many of the toughest cases are solved that couldn’t be before. While forensic science might not always be 100% accurate, it has developed a lot since it was first practiced and without using forensic science a lot of crimes would go unsolved. Forensic science…

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  • Joyce Appleby Inheriting The Revolution Summary

    Between the years of 1776 and 1865 there were a tremendous amount of historical movements that examined the activities and causes of the revolutionary members in which they were paid little attention too. In Joyce Appleby’s Inheriting the Revolution, she writes about a social history about the first generation of Americans and those who fought the American Revolution but, as the title specifies, many who inherited it, those who had to figure out their parents daring advisory of liberty looked…

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  • Explain The Document Object Model

    3. Explain the Document Object Model. One of the most important matters to know about when using JavaScript is the DOM, or Document Object Model. To describe it simply, it is a way for your HTML and JavaScript to interact and how the JavaScript is able to do its job. It is very important in order to get the code to work. The Document Object Model is basically a mapping layout model for the HTML. To put it more simply it takes the HTML and treats it kind of like a tree structure. The overall…

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  • Cost Of Paperless

    paper files and moving existing electronic files into the document management system. It took almost two years to complete” (Friedman, G. H. 2005), which shows that a great deal of time is required to set up possible computer systems Next, the initial cost is an important factor to consider for, computer systems “[…] require a considerable investment in computer technology initially” (Weiss, M. J. 1994). with , “To maintain a digital document requires an infrastructure of hardware: servers,…

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  • Certified Paralegal Certification

    INTRODUCTION Paralegal certification is available in four states while only two states offer document preparer certifications through their State Bar Associations. These states require a certification examination to educationally qualified paralegals or legal assistants prior to the Bar Associations authorizing the paralegal to use the title of “Certified Paralegal,” however, certification is not required in these states to work as a paralegal. The American Bar Association defines a paralegal…

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  • Paperless Obstacles And Challenges

    decision makers which makes selecting too difficult (Friedman, 2005, p. 1). A different challenge to implement a paperless office environment, lies in recognition of how this technology can be best used to suite an organization’s needs such as: “Document scanning, automated workflows, and cloud storage. Having these tools that may contribute to the paperless office solution, however, their use cannot be determined until an…

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  • Evidence Interpretation

    Evidence Interpretation Over the years, there have been several cases that have been resolved with a false guilty plea or cases where a guilty party was not convicted of a crime. There are various elements that play a role in solving cases; evidence is a one of these key elements. Many factors can determine if the evidence submitted before a court of law is accurate such as how the evidence is collected, if proper protocell was followed before the laboratory’s handling of the evidence, and if…

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  • FERPA And COPPA Compliance Report

    release of PII by a school to a third party; any type of access, release or transfer of the information for which consent is required before disclosure • Educational records: all records related to a student maintained by the agency or institution; documents, computer media, video, film, photographs SOX, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act, more commonly known as SOX was named after Senator Paul Sarbanes and Representative Michael Oxley. SOX’s main…

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  • Pueblo Bonito

    over a variety of years, spanning from ca. 850 until the early portion of the 1100s, with some later occupation towards the end of that same century. Site Location and Setting: Located in the southeast part of New Mexico, Chaco Culture National Historical Park houses many intriguing ruins. Within the canyon, Pueblo Bonito was…

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  • Baring Their Teeth: The Anasazi Legacy Summary

    Baring their Teeth: The Anasazi Legacy The culture of the Ancient Puebloans, or Anasazi, is mostly left to mere guesswork. Their written language is a dead to today 's linguists. The only thing left to understand about their lives is found in what they left behind; which was much more than a few pieces of gorgeous pottery. For 2,000 years the anasazi ruled Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, and Kayenta, spanning most of the southwest United States writes Kathy Weiser. From 1200 B.C. to 1300 A.D. The…

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