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  • Personal Narrative: My College Experience At Tennessee State University

    relationships as well as personal. I would like to obtain my MBA with a concentration in Human Resources to further my understanding of the field, as well as to have the knowledge to go along with the experience. Holding a Master’s of Business Administration comes with a level of respect because of the dedication and determination that has to be put in to obtain the degree. When employers see that on your resume, they know that you are serious about what you do because you have invested your…

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  • Military Veteran Suicide Analysis

    When people are presented with a daunting problem there can be a natural reaction to want to “do something.” Inaction in the face of injustice or other harmful situation may appear unacceptable and doing something—anything—to stem the tide, is seen as better than doing nothing. Although it may be counterintuitive to some, taking action against a problem can have detrimental results if the problem is not yet adequately understood. Public resources are scarce and committing limited funds to a new…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With An Administrator

    when I walked in to speak with my administrator was how did she know that she wanted to be an administrator? The response was a big surprise to me. But overall the interview I had with my administrator went into not only how she got involved in administration, but I wanted to know what her passions were, as well as the problems she is currently overcoming in her position as well as my biggest curiosity regarding foresight; where she would be now if she had taken a different path? The…

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  • The Importance Of Majors In Business

    Every student probably has a problem with choosing a major. Also, there are multiple of majors, which will get them confused which major they will choose. Students have to know they need to pick a field that they like or feel it is going to correspond with their skills. Business is an important major in the world, and it is identified as a critical resource for countries. As explained in an article published by Africa News Service “If business can do the heavy-lifting of creating jobs and wealth…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Obamacare

    to it before all else and not the greater part of that resistance originated from the republican side of the passageway. Indeed, even a few democrats were against it. The same is fundamentally genuine whether one is discussing congress and the administration, or whether one is discussing the overall public there is resistance to the law. That was the main obstacle that must be moved beyond. Once that was vanquished, the work of making the site to individuals join and the data about what might…

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  • Student Identification Report

    Obtaining my undergraduate degree was one of the highlights of my life. By day I attended classes, studied hard and completed my student observation and student teaching requirements. On nights and weekends I worked at a country club working as many shifts as I could to pay for my courses at St. John Fisher College. When I graduated in the spring of 2005 with my Bachelor of Arts in History and my initial teaching certification in hand, I was excited to teach and challenge the young minds of our…

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  • The Critical Role Of Street-Level Bureaucracy By Michael Lipsky

    Bureaucrats by Michael Lipsky was written to explain the importance of the role of public service workers when delivering government services to the public. The involvement of public administration in difficulties that are currently affecting the undeserved and have made the government to take responsibilities on public safety, health and security. Lipsky believed that government workers play a significant role in our society by making discretionary judgements that evaluate the welfare of…

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  • Political-Administration Dichotomy

    The scenario above simply explains a politics-administration dichotomous relationship that it is there in the modern public service management and it is no way to go. What matters most is the relationship between the levels of operation as their common denominator is to serve the public’s interests through policies and programs. A balancing or neutral point should be found and maintained by both in discharging public duties. During the development of the Wilsonian Theory of Dichotomy, it is as…

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  • Self Marketing Research Paper

    To begin, the healthcare industry is one that promotes many directions within the healthcare administration and management program. This creates many obstacles that one must be ready to leap. This is where the idea of self-marketing will support college graduates. Self-marketing will improve one’s image and reputation. Self marketing helps individuals…

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  • Public And Private Sectors Have Converged Since 1979

    provision of public services, from solely public sector, to a greater involvement of the private sector. Until just over thirty years ago, the public sector was to abide by strict rules and codes of conduct with regards to management, known as Public Administration. However, it was recognised by some that this traditional, possibly out-dated style, proved particularly ineffective and inefficient and so from the mid to late 70’s, a new, more ‘managerial’ approach was brought about, which was…

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