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  • Public Administration Discretion Essay

    Administration Discretion Public administration in itself is a structure. A structure of many different administrative organizations working to carry out the orders/laws of the government. As with many structures, elements of it have to work or fit a certain way for it to be stable or function properly. There is also a structural plan (laws/rules) that must be followed in order for the structure to be safe and effective (run smoothly). On the other hand, although most structures can usually…

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  • Public Service Vs New Public Administration Essay

    improving bureaucracy and solving political problems. With the complexity of administration becoming ever more prevalent, these reforms needed to take new approaches to succeed. Two such movements came in the forms of the New Public Administration and the New Public Service. Each reform theory was established during times when administration was needing to change. They both were influenced by some of the best public administration scholars of their times. In this memo, I will discuss their…

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  • Aloe Vegar Case Study

    time. Also the bacterial flora appears to show benefit, with a reduction in a presence of yeasts and reduction in pH. Bowel putrefaction was decreased and protein digestion/absorption was improved. An early trial with human patients found oral administration of aloe gel effective in the treatment of peptic ulcers. The anti-ulcer activities of Aloe Vera has been attributed to several possible mechanisms including its healing effects, anti-inflammatory properties,…

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  • Bureaucracy Definition

    I once had an experience with one of the nation’s leading cable network and internet providers, early this year. One morning my internet and cable network went out since the same company provided me with both services; apparently, a huge mistake. I called the company to report the incident and to find out the reason for the outage. An operator answered the phone, listened to my complaint, and put me on hold. Apparently, such task was out of her jurisdiction. After long minutes on hold, I was…

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  • The Importance Of E-Government

    The proliferation of technology the last 25 years or so has changed the way individuals access information. Instead of heading to a library or reading a newspaper for data people are now able to simply fire up their smartphone. Not only has technology impacted the daily lives of individuals across the globe, it has also caused governments to assess how they can capitalize on these emerging technological trends. With this in mind, E-Government was born. “Simply stated, e-Government is the use of…

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  • State Asset Management Case Study

    It is present a life cycle of asset start from budgeting, acquisition, utilization, maintenance and monitoring, valuation, disposal, change/hand over, administration, control mechanism, and capacity building function. Asset manager role began to be applied to ensure professionalism in state asset management practices and as a part of accountability the managerial and reporting aspects of state asset management…

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  • Managerial Approach To Public Administration

    Theoretically, the managerial approach to public administration contends that public administration is a “field of business” as quoted by Woodrow Wilson (Rosembloom,1983). Under this theoretical premonition of public administration, it depersonalizes citizens and concentrates on the economic profits of subordinates. The managerial approach to public administration, government is focused on setting policy that will aid in maximizing efficiency of operations…

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  • Globalization Is The World Is Flat Essay

    order to join the organization i.e., open markets, eliminate subsidies, phase out tariffs, etc (Wheelan, 2010). A borderless world can be defined by a unified global economy, global government, homogenous culture, and … a global system of public administration (Farazmand,…

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  • Louisiana Politics Summary

    Specializing in Southern Politics, Elections and Louisiana Politics Dr. Wayne Parent’s analysis of the Louisiana carnival of politics is truly one to be taught for years to come. Parent effortlessly tells the sordid story of Louisiana and their often times corrupt political system. In a state where there has been more constitutions than any other in the union as well as having Napoleonic based law, Louisiana is clearly different. To dive into this minefield of diversity is a tough task and…

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  • Police Performance Management Case Study

    used when new or renewed stress on the importance of management and ‘production engineering’ in public service delivery, often linked to doctrines of economic rationalism. New public management unlike previous reforms, such as the New public administration movement stressed the difference management could and should make to the quality and efficiency of public services. (Hood, 2001). In his seminal paper ‘A public management for all seasons?’ Hood (1991:3) lists seven overlapping guidelines…

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