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  • Guerilla Government Case Study

    modernity refers to a world that has evolved due to science and does not readily accept old assumptions that were once seen as being absolute and final. Modernity had three profound impacts in the field of public administration. The first one was the separation of politics from administration in attempt to achieve efficiency in delivering public goods and services. The second impact was separating the role of the public administrator from the role of the citizen because they serve the public and…

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  • Old Public Administration Case Study

    The old public administration takes its roots from Woodrow Wilson (1941), who advised to look at the administration separate from the politics. He started to explore the field of public administration and suggested the ways of its further development as a professional field. Woodrow Wilson (1941) began looking at the government from the business perspective, supporting the idea of a strong executive who makes firm decisions in the policy implementation. He also advocated for the professional…

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  • Of Public Management's Backbone: The Rule Of Law?

    In Chapter Four: “Public Management’s Backbone: The Rule of Law” (pp. 89-286) of Public Management: A Three-Dimensional Approach, Laurence Lynn and Carolyn Hill have explicitly elaborated on the application of the rule of law on matters associated with the public management. It has been considered as the backbone to the concept of public management in relation to how it is constituted and formalized in ensuring that it is of great significance in the process of its application. The chapter…

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  • Old Public Management: The Nature Of Public Administration

    Nature Of Public Administration Mariana Martinez West Chester University In the world today, many ideas and beliefs have caused Public Administration to evolve into a creature of many dimensions. The upbringing of Public Administration with field pioneers such as, Woodrow Wilson and many other noted administrators during their time, centered their knowledge on what we refer to as the Old Public Administration. The visionaries like Wilson, believed that hierarchical organizations and goal…

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  • Personal Commentary On Environmental Analysis

    Personal Commentary Upon reading chapter four of this book, I have come to understand that organizations have the tendency of creating or shaping their environments as much as they simply react to them. Although such platform will complicate the analysis of environments, I believe that will still make it all important in terms of having environments that can be directed and controlled. It has been argued that these complications about the concept of an organization’s environment have a…

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  • Liability Public Executives

    Hildreth, W., J. Miller, G., & Rabin, J. (1980). The Liability of Public Executives: Implications for Practice in Personnel Administration. Review of Public Personnel Administration 1, Fall. Bartley Hildreth, author of this article, holds a B.A. Political Science from University of Alabama, M.P.A. from Auburn University at Montgomery, and a Ph.D from University of Georgia. When this article was published in 1980, Hildreth had just completed his Ph.D. In this paper, I summarize the article and…

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  • Democracy And Populism

    Most consider democracy to be the best form of government. Like all other forms government, it still requires a certain amount of faith to be placed in the officials’ elected, though, in democracy, people have a greater role than in other forms of government. A democracy also requires an informed population on issues within politics, which is generally provided by the press. This point in history marks an especially divisive era between ideologies and a movement of populism. Candidates from both…

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  • Essay On TPGS Concentration And Paclitaxel Solubility

    Figure 2.1.3 TPGS concentration and Paclitaxel solubility are directly related. Figure created by M. Varma, 200522. TPGS has been incorporated into various drug formulations partly because of its ability to overcome multidrug resistance (MDR). By inhibiting P-glycoprotein (P-gp) activity, the relative cytotoxicity of drugs such as doxorubicin, vinblastine, and paclitaxel was increased19. P-gp is a drug efflux pump, a.k.a. multidrug resistance protein 1 (MDR1), located in the cell membranes of…

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  • Compare And Contrast Political Economic Vs Economic Political Analysis

    Part 1: Political Economic Analysis versus Economic Political Analysis In order to understand what exactly ‘politics’ is we must first unpack its meaning. ‘Politics’ is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as ‘the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power’ (Soanes: 2004). We can break this into two broad parts: (1) the activities associated with governance of a country or area, and (2) the debate between parties having…

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  • Solubility

    of the important parameter to achieve desired concentration of drug in systemic circulation for pharmacological response to be shown. Poor watersolubledrugs often require high doses in order to reach therapeutic plasma concentrations after oral administration. Low aqueoussolubility is the major problem encountered with formulation development of new chemical entities. Any drug to be absorbed must be present in the form of an aqueous solution at the site of absorption. Water is the solvent of…

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