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  • Urban Trees Case Study

    Urban trees provide a wide range of environmental, ecological, social, cultural and economic benefits. However, as natural objects, they are constantly under stress, and living in an unnatural habitat, which will primarily affect the tree crown. In this study, the Diameter at Breast Height (DBH), Crown Live Ratio (LCR), Crown Dieback (CDBK), Crown Transparency (CT), and Crown Chlorosis (CC) of trees at University of Toronto – St. George campus were assessed by field measurements and Google Street View images. The study shows that the average of DBH and LCR measurements of trees planted in constricted and non-constricted areas are considerably different, which might be due to more space in non-constricted areas, which allows the roots to spread…

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  • Google Inc. Case Analysis

    1. Introduction Google Inc. is an American company established on September 4th 1998 which provides internet-related services [1]. The company started off with a workstation in a parking space [2] and has grown to be the world’s second most innovative company [3], hiring more than 61,000 staffs [1] in over 40 countries around the world [4]. On August 19th 2004, an Initial Public Offering (IPO) took place on Wall Street [5] which led to the relocation of Google’s headquarters to Googleplex,…

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  • Silicon Roundabout And Tech City Analysis

    • What makes Silicon Roundabout tick over Californian Silicon Valley • How does Silicon Roundabout behave like a coral reef • Why people prefer commuting to Silicon roundabout over work from home • “Flat white economy “ does it exist or just a phrase • Is it possible exchanging hard cash for virtual currency • Studying the lifecycle of the start-ups from renting to investments to attracting talented staff and going beyond. • Do we sense danger? Is Silicon Roundabout a victim of its own success. …

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  • Are Beats Headphones Analysis

    Product information is now more than ever easily accessible take for example the headphones Beats by Dr. Dre. The Google search article focused on product information, review of the product and details on other products. The Opposing views article focused on stock market opportunities, celebrity’s endorsements and a more casual review. Both articles go into detail on product information, reviews on the product and recommendations on similar items. In the article Are Beats by Dr. Dre headphones…

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  • Jeff Bezos

    Jeff Bezos was a 30 year old employee on Wall Street. As the years started to approach 2000, the internet was expanding rapidly, and Bezos took notice of that. He quit his job and soon started to look for internet revenue. His first internet business, called Cadabra at the time, was to sell books. [2] The idea was innovative, to be one of the first e-commerce companies out there that sold cheap discounted books. Orders started to trickle in slowly until one of the founders of Yahoo, a big…

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  • Honeyspot Pizza 5: Business Analysis

    Client Profile Honeyspot Pizza 5 is a family restaurant located at 605 Main Street Monroe CT, 06468. They currently employ a total of 8 employees which include two chefs, one call attender and five delivery drivers.The product they primarily sell is various types of pizza however in addition they sell burgers, salads, and appetizer items. The restaurant is able to accommodate dine-in, take out, delivery and online ordering. Honeyspot Pizza 5 was established in July 2013, however their ecommerce…

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  • Diversification Strategy Of Google

    Amazon a company that deals in downloading books, music and videos, offers google competition in the provision of content. The technology for providing relevant searches to end users, thus competition has become stiff. Therefore, google has to develop new ways to remain ahead of its competitors. So google has gone to develop its technological expertise as its key resource. (Centindamar, 2013). Currently as the leader in the industry, Google is attracting the best and the brightest. However,…

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  • Google In China Case Study

    Moreover, in early 2006 there were already 350 million mobile phones in use in China and that number was projected to grow by about 57 million annually.21 Before choosing to launch, Google was already a player in this Chinese market. Since the site’s inception in 1999, U.S.-based had been available to Chinese users as it had been to users worldwide. Unlike its major U.S. competitors, though, Google did not rush to set up a China-based version of its search engine, and thus…

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  • Google Inc Case Analysis

    Introduction Google Inc. has over the years earned a positive reputation with regards its accomplishment as well as its leadership technique. Founded by Larry Page as well as Sergey Brin, the company has grown to become a source of information for millions across the world. Google was developed by Page and Brin back in Stanford University when they created a search engine referred as BackRub to trace various personal pages. Its success has largely been associated with an innovative business…

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  • Debate Speech Example

    MODERATOR, smiles: Good evening everyone and welcome to tonight’s debate streaming live from Shoreline Amphitheater outside Google headquarters. From all of us here in Mountain View, thanks for joining us. [to the camera] Tonight is the fourth and final presidential debate and voters’ last chance to see the candidates side-by-side before casting their ballots next Tuesday. Much could be determined in the next 90 minutes; so let’s get to it. [turns] To start things off, I’m going to ask that our…

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