Google In China Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Moreover, in early 2006 there were already 350 million mobile phones in use in China and that number was projected to grow by about 57 million annually.21 Before choosing to launch, Google was already a player in this Chinese market. Since the site’s inception in 1999, U.S.-based had been available to Chinese users as it had been to users worldwide. Unlike its major U.S. competitors, though, Google did not rush to set up a China-based version of its search engine, and thus to acquiesce to government censorship regulations, as had Yahoo! in 1999, when it established Yahoo! China,22 and Microsoft in 2005, with its establishment of MSN China.23 Unlike its competitors, Google chose instead to create a version of its search engine capable of understanding character-based languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which it would run out of its California headquarters. With this U.S.-based version of, the company was able to control an estimated 25% of the Chinese search market by 2002 and to avoid Chinese government censorship completely.24 By the year 2002,’s Chinese user base mainly consisted of white collar, pro-Western Chinese businesspeople.25 However, in the fall of 2002, problems struck. Suddenly, in early September, computer users in China could not access The Chinese government had blocked access to the site, and users were instead diverted to rival Chinese search sites.26 Two weeks later, it again became possible to access, but government censorship had been heightened, making the search engine far slower and less reliable.27 Much speculation exists as to why China suddenly chose to shut down and then to stringently censor Google Co-founder Sergey Brin and many technology professionals in China believe it was the …show more content…
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