Honeyspot Pizza 5: Business Analysis

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Client Profile
Honeyspot Pizza 5 is a family restaurant located at 605 Main Street Monroe CT, 06468. They currently employ a total of 8 employees which include two chefs, one call attender and five delivery drivers.The product they primarily sell is various types of pizza however in addition they sell burgers, salads, and appetizer items. The restaurant is able to accommodate dine-in, take out, delivery and online ordering.
Honeyspot Pizza 5 was established in July 2013, however their ecommerce business did not commence till August 2015. On a daily basis sales for the restaurant total approximately $600. These sales include dine-in, take-out and online orders. Given that we obtained this information from employees directly were not able
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They face fierce competition with 7 restaurants in a 1 mile radius of Honeyspot Pizza 5 which are located on the same street as them. These competitors are: Sal’s Family Pizza, Julian’s Brick Oven Pizza, Roberto’s Restaurant, The Rustic Grille, Carl Anthony Trattoria & Catering, Country Pizza & Restaurant and Vazzy’s Osteria. Local grocery stores can also be viewed as competition since they sell ready to make and frozen pizza. There threats include that fact that their competition has similar attractive offers and consumers like to try multiple restaurants until they find their favorite. In addition, the constant media coverage on healthy diets can discourage people from dinning out and especially eating pizza(Appendix 4).
The target market for HoneyspotPizza 5 is both male and females of all ages but particularly young adults 16-30 years old who enjoy fast food. The target segments are families, children, and low to medium income individuals who can easily afford the food Honeyspot Pizza 5 sells.
The competition for Honeyspot Pizza 5 are the 7 other pizza restaurants located on the same street within a 1 mile radius from the restaurant. Other competition can include other fast food restaurants in the area that sell some items that Honeyspot Pizza 5 does
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Team’s evaluation of the firm’s digital marketing
Based on the collected information regarding the current digital marketing strategy we can conclude that company “Honeyspot Pizza 5” absolutely needs strong digital marketing consulting. There is a great deal of missed opportunity by not have a presence in social media that will help them reach a larger target market and drive traffic to their website.
Firstly, the website as a central part of marketing communications has to indicate the benefits of the company to the target audience. The website is weak and lacks content which would attract customers which is proven by the poor traffic, low page rank, and low domain authority. Also the presence of two different websites confuses potential customers, which leads to ambiguity and mistrust. Honeyspot Pizza 5 should create one main website where clients can view all information needed about what the restaurant serves, contact information and directions, customer reviews, discount coupons or specials, and online

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