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  • The Story Of Charulata

    What did he say? ' 'It was very funny! I wish you had been there. Where were you? ' ‘I was out of town visiting some relatives. Tell me what Krishna said ' 'His father called him aside and asked him to chaperone the girls. We were very surprised to see that he looked horrified and the moment he replied, everyone started laughing! ' narrated Vrnda Devi as she started to laugh. 'Tell me, ' urged Radha 's mom. 'You can laugh later. ' 'He said…... ' the gopis standing near them burst into laughter. They laughed so hard that tears rolled from their eyes. Radha 's mom started to laugh too. The laughter spread through the little gathering like wild fire. Finally, Vrnda Devi collected herself. 'He said, "Mom has asked me to stay away from girls. If I go near them...." 'again she started to laugh. ‘Come on tell me.’ ‘If I go near them, my ears and nose will fall down! It was very funny the way He said it. You should have been there!’ ‘Does it mean He didn’t agree to chaperone them?’ ‘We convinced Him to accompany the girls.’ The gopi girls through the infinite compassion of Lord Krishna obtained permission from the village elders to spend time with the Lord. This incident shows that Lord Krishna is the means as well as the end. ‘Make sure you send Radha to the meeting tonight,’ said Vrnda Devi. ‘Where is the meeting?’ ‘Here, on the banks of the Yamuna. Goda is the team leader. She has some important information to convey to the girls regarding the proper procedures to be…

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  • The Raven Character Analysis

    attractive, and a charmer like the Native American trickster figure. As Tilo calls him: “Playboy Raven, my American of the party scene” (TMS 287). Like the trickster of Native lore, Raven has seduction written all over his face. Tilo falls for his “silver-edged seductive cloud-smile upon which I could float away so easily and never return” (TMS 110). To draw a parallel, Raven resembles the very attractive Krishna of Krishna Leela; Krishna is both a trickster as well as a seductive lover known…

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  • The World Of Nagaraj Analysis

    Tim or Saroja or Gopu. Like Hamlet, he is in the custom of postponing the things and makes himself ridiculous like Polonius in beating concerning the bush. But his affection for Tim is undoubtedly real and unselfish. It is his wife who understands his nature extremely well and is even alongside him to prop him. He always looks towards her for aid after he fails to find out each resolution of the problem. It is stunning that the same Nagaraj thinks that she is Lady Macbeth. Sita is the real…

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  • Evolution Of Drones Research Paper

    One of them is their capability to augment civilian safety. Drones are incorporated in various forces including the military, police department, paramedics, and the fire safety force (Rao, Gopi, & Maione, 2016). Their jobs have been made easier and more efficient. They are helpful in locating bombs, aiding rescuers in case of natural disasters, and finding lost kids. Also, they can be quite instrumental in chasing down and apprehending criminals. Moreover, they could be used at traffic lights or…

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  • History Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

    “ peace and security, climate change, sustainable development, human rights, disarmament, terrorism, humanitarian and health emergencies, [and] gender equality” (United Nations, par 1). Although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was established in 1948, a myriad of articles have been violated since then. To ensure that human rights continue to exist it is necessary to prosecute violations, advocate for rights as prior activists did, and press for legal reform. Human rights day is…

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  • Directing Style Analysis

    I thank my old brother Cheick Abdel Kader Camara for his invaluable supports that I benefited and also for his love. Thanks to my mother Seregbe and my aunt Hadja Nafissatou for everything they did for me. Thanks to my best friend Kabine Kaba ‘Gopi’ for his love. May their soul rest in peace. Thank you to my old sister Aminata Alkoubra Camara for her sacrifice, her supports and her love. I would like to thank all of my teachers who have contributed to transmit me some knowledge. I thank all of…

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  • Kantha Case Study

    of mythological episodes, especially from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, nayika (maiden), deer hunting, forest scenes with lots of trees and animals, Shiva-Parvati, Radha-Krishna, and the typically dressed Gaddi-Gaddan with lamb (shepherd couple) (Naik, 1996). Some of the themes represented animals and birds like in Rukmini Harana elaboratately embroidered on rumal depicting the various ceremonial activities like Barat; the procession of marriage, including royal animals like saddled horse,…

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  • Behaviura Case Study


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  • Trimungam Symbolism

    teals the clothes of the cow girls ( gopis) * The girls of Nanda’s village performed a certain vow to goddess Katyayani , to whom they prayed to make hte son of cow herd Nanda their husband * The girls would worhship her and having set this hearts on krsna, they performed the vow for a month * One day when they had gone to the river and take off their clothes on the bank, playing in water and singing about Krsna, lord Krsna, lord of all masters of Yoga came thee with his friends in…

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