Gone with the Wind

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  • Narrative Essay: The Salem Witch Trials

    Narrator: It is late 1692, the height of the Salem Witch trials. Today we hope to put on display a purely hypothetical reproduction of this trial. Let it be noted that the characters present in this trial are not based upon any one person of Salem and have made up histories and lives. Keeping this into account, any connections between these characters and those who really did live in Salem are to further flesh out the characters and have no basis in reality. What these characters and events do,…

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  • Huperethon Character Analysis

    Huperethon Huperethon was an Athenian of ancient lore. He was a brave and courageous man, but was often noted for having too much pride. He was guided by Hermes to dwell in the depths of the underworld after a dual between him and his twin brother, Sophos. Their father was the King of Athens, and after he passed, they fought to the death over who was the heir to their father's throne. Both men were strong, but not to Huperethon's prideful knowledge. Thinking he was exceedingly more skilled…

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  • Non Renewable Resources

    Renewable resources are energies that are able to be produced in a very short amount of time or renewed at the same rate as population consumption. For example, energies such as solar energy, wind mechanisms, tides, hydroelectricity, geothermal power are all example of energies that never ran out and can be made with no process (Asaff). In the contrary there are the non-renewable resources. These resources are those that cannot be replaced in…

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  • PTSD In Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five

    When a tragedy occurs, it has the power to provoke many different types of responses. Some people mourn a great amount, some go into a state of denial, and others may speak up and tackle it. In Slaughterhouse-Five, author Kurt Vonnegut introduces Billy Pilgrim as someone who was affected by the bombing of Dresden, and someone who is taken by Tralfamadorians (an alien species) to talk to him about their theories of time. There are many ways to react to a catastrophe, but the author emphasizes the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Holiday To Beijing

    My Holiday to Beijing I sat on the hill the wind pushing my hair softly in all directions, I had an photo album in my lap containing all the memories of my recent trip to Beijing. Looking at the photos made me remember all the wonderful times and fun I had during the trip. I remembered the time when I was at the airport, having emotions at the time which were indescribable, my heart was racing like a bomb and my eyes shinning with joy. I could see myself walking onto the plane I knew in my…

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  • Creative Writing: This Monkey's Paw

    The sun was setting below the horizon, the heavens stained with a shade of crimson and the twilight moon waning in the distance. A biting gust blew across the town of Dhanushkodi as a storm started to brew. The market was set ablaze by the swarm of mindless people set about on their daily business, the dust being catapulted off the floor by hectic feet and scrambling bodies. Yet Arthur felt strangely complacent, completely at ease amongst the pandemonium of the streets. The doctor said he had…

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  • 5 People You Meet In Heaven

    The chapter starts out with everything white, and then a loud noise continues to bother him until he yells. It ended up being children playing at a river. Some girl motions to Eddie and while he is walking towards her, he falls, but the wind catches his balance (pgs. 179-184). The little girl was Asian and her name was Tala. She ended up being the girl who he saw in the hut fire that the captain said was not there. Eddie started crying because he knew he killed her. Eddie then asked god…

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  • Personal Narrative: Everything Is Perfect

    come closer and closer, each step just a perfect as the other. It’s hair waving in the wind like leaves on a tree. I quickly get back on my feet. “What are you?” I asking stuttering numerous times as I try to pronounce…

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  • Monologue On To Kill A Mockingbird

    The sweltering humidity of my jail cell precipitated down my spine as I sat in deep thought. Stagnant darkness surrounded me, and the only noise present was my steady breath and pounding heartbeat. I noticed a growl in my stomach and my one good hand trembled. My head swirled as my body seemed to malfunction, and I could not pinpoint what I was feeling. Anxiety and nervousness competed with hope and appreciation to occupy my mind. The trial was to be in a few days. A few days until I was…

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  • Ponyboy's P. O. V.: A Short Story

    ever fight with each other. Today was of those day however, where we didn't get along. I'm not sure how it started really. Things had been alright, then suddenly turned bad and got worse. It had been a normal Sunday for the gang. Connie had gone off to church like she does every Sunday. She went to pray for her brother, her parents, and the gang. My family used to go with her and her family every Sunday before my parents died. I liked listening to the sermons, but nowadays we just…

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