Gone with the Wind

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  • Creative Writing: This Monkey's Paw

    The sun was setting below the horizon, the heavens stained with a shade of crimson and the twilight moon waning in the distance. A biting gust blew across the town of Dhanushkodi as a storm started to brew. The market was set ablaze by the swarm of mindless people set about on their daily business, the dust being catapulted off the floor by hectic feet and scrambling bodies. Yet Arthur felt strangely complacent, completely at ease amongst the pandemonium of the streets. The doctor said he had…

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  • Huperethon Character Analysis

    Huperethon Huperethon was an Athenian of ancient lore. He was a brave and courageous man, but was often noted for having too much pride. He was guided by Hermes to dwell in the depths of the underworld after a dual between him and his twin brother, Sophos. Their father was the King of Athens, and after he passed, they fought to the death over who was the heir to their father's throne. Both men were strong, but not to Huperethon's prideful knowledge. Thinking he was exceedingly more skilled…

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  • 5 People You Meet In Heaven

    The chapter starts out with everything white, and then a loud noise continues to bother him until he yells. It ended up being children playing at a river. Some girl motions to Eddie and while he is walking towards her, he falls, but the wind catches his balance (pgs. 179-184). The little girl was Asian and her name was Tala. She ended up being the girl who he saw in the hut fire that the captain said was not there. Eddie started crying because he knew he killed her. Eddie then asked god…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The City Of San Francisco

    short brown hair. She started to talk to us and asked us if we were from the city and told us some nice spots that we could go to for photographs. Since she was a photographer, she knew where the good spots were in the city because my sister and I have gone to San Francisco several times before and I just did not know any new places to go to. Overall, she was extremely nice to us and introduced us to new parts of the city that we didn’t know of in the past because we would just go to the tourist…

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  • Heavy Metal Culture

    48Cd, 80Hg and 82Pb "I like smoke and lightnin', heavy metal thunder." Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf (1968) Heavy metal, often dubbed as the Devil's music, is no stranger to controversy and criticism. Baptist minister Jeff R. Steele, famous for his sermons warning about the dangers of rock and roll music, expressed his disdain and attached adjectives such as 'sick', 'repulsive', 'horrible' and 'dangerous' to the genre (Weinstein p. 1). Dr. Deena Weinstein, professor of sociology at DePaul…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Salem Witch Trials

    Narrator: It is late 1692, the height of the Salem Witch trials. Today we hope to put on display a purely hypothetical reproduction of this trial. Let it be noted that the characters present in this trial are not based upon any one person of Salem and have made up histories and lives. Keeping this into account, any connections between these characters and those who really did live in Salem are to further flesh out the characters and have no basis in reality. What these characters and events do,…

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  • Ponyboy's P. O. V.: A Short Story

    ever fight with each other. Today was of those day however, where we didn't get along. I'm not sure how it started really. Things had been alright, then suddenly turned bad and got worse. It had been a normal Sunday for the gang. Connie had gone off to church like she does every Sunday. She went to pray for her brother, her parents, and the gang. My family used to go with her and her family every Sunday before my parents died. I liked listening to the sermons, but nowadays we just…

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  • September 11th: A Short Story

    A picture frame hits the ground. I wonder if these are just aftershocks. Have I slept through the worst of it? The news is on; earthquakes everywhere, Toronto, Los Angles, Paris, and Bangkok lay in ruins. I switch to another channel. Tokyo is gone, along with most other cities located on or near the world’s oceans, swept away by tsunamis. Another tremor hits this one more vicious than the last. Raucous outside my bedroom window, cars flooding the darken streets slamming into one…

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  • Role Of Happiness In John Ciardi's Essay

    happiness. Ciardi describes, “Advertising begins as poetry and ends as pharmacopeia”. However, it seems we cannot get enough. Once we get that one item that made us believe we would be completely happy, we wind up wanting something else. So it seems that we can only get a glimpse of happiness and then it’s gone. Ciardi says “happiness is never more than partial”. There are never pure states of happiness with materialistic…

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  • Razilee's Folktales: A Narrative Fiction

    and barn. In the barn you would find Razilee and Zippin” getting ready for another ride to the lake. In which she was greeted by the angel at the lake and all Razilee could say was “Thank You”, said Razilee and soo she came to understand that all she gone through was about preserving through not having parents. She was happy and all the angel could do was to smile and it than disappeared. Everything went back to normal. But everyone sadden, by the loss of her uncle. But Razilee was overcome by…

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