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  • Essay On Uranus

    They were made famous by a French astronomer named Charles Messier, who was a comet hunter. He would often times get frustrated because he would find an object that resembled a comet, but did not move, so they were not in fact comets. He was so intrigued as well as frustrated with these objects that he compiled a list which currently includes 110 astronomical objects which came to be known as the Messier Catalogue. These 110 Messier objects are not even close to the total amount of deep sky objects in existence, but they make up some of the brightest examples of each type of deep sky object (open star clusters, globular star clusters, spiral galaxies, elliptical galaxies, supernova remnants, emission nebulae, and planetary nebulae), making them some of the most famous. The Messier objects are labeled from M1-M110, where the “M” obviously stands for Messier. The following are some astronomical objects that represent each type of deep sky…

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  • The Strengths, Weaknesses Of Bernhard And Sulkin

    strengths, including: not being personable or showing any perspective from MCs, not having a fifth cluster for styles that don’t fit into one of the four, “These decisions are necessarily based on judgment, and there are some variables that one might argue should fall into another category” (Bernhard and Sulkin, 11), stating that legislative styles are predictable and relatively stable across time, and lastly, it seemed to be very poorly worded and somewhat opinionated instead of factual in…

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  • Advantage Of Overt Observation

    there is several conditions that must be met for stratified sampling to be met properly. Researchers need to identify every member of a population being studied and make sure each one is classified. Therefore, it is time consuming.(Investopedia, 2015) Cluster Sampling, is used when researchers are looking at particular things such as poverty, social class and deprivation. Cluster Sampling is randomly selected from a map and not individuals. Researchers would randomly select the areas on the map…

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  • Whole Grain Rhetorical Analysis

    commercials where there are kids trying to steal a leprechaun’s cereal, and he uses the powers of the marshmallows to escape. On the other hand, cereals that are marketed for adults like Cheerios, have commercials with actors in them with less animations and advertises how it is “good for your heart.” A Sample in terms of cereal is a small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like. When choosing a sampling method one must be sure he or she is being unbiased to the entirety of the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interest In Computer Science

    back-end developer for some micro-services. Also, I had to experience some options to create a cluster for their back-end and I was their cluster manager for a short period of time there. The cluster part was also very interesting for me, "Kubernetes" and "mesosphere" was the two platforms that I deployed on some of the servers, each of them had a different usage there. Again, the most interesting part for me was the cluster; How to create or optimize one. Later I learned some different models…

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  • Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP): Firefly Algorithm

    Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is one of combinatorial optimization problems. X TSP is NP-hard problem which defined as a set of cities and each city should be visited once with minimum tour length. This paper solved this problem using Firefly Algorithm (FA) and k-means clustering by three steps: cluster the nodes, finding optimal path in each cluster and connect the clusters. The first step is to divide all nodes into sub-problems using k-means clustering, the second step is to use FA to find…

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  • Article: Eating Cigaretity. Why Or Why Not?

    can be answered based on a single element. Responses to questions, and finalizing the questionnaire are also important during the development of a survey. Interviewer bias become a factor because human beings are opinionated and are involved in either the writing, administration or scoring of the survey; usually all aspects. Sampling techniques are probability sampling and non-probability sampling. In probability sampling the chance of an individual or group being selected for testing is…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Truancy Research

    Since the population that is being studied is a college campus a cluster sample is the best method to conduct the survey. Cluster sampling method is when the researcher divides the population into separate groups, called clusters. The campus has 32,000 students enrolled in order collect the sample you must separate the population by groups or in this case degree program. Once the population is separated by their programs randomly selected which group will participate in the study. After the…

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  • Chlamydia Case Study

    substitute home (Torrone et al., 2015). They also used dynamics like whether the females were sexually active, using a form of birth control, identification of an STD in the past 6 months, had two or more sex partners, drug use, felonies, and etc. for measuring (Torrone et al., 2015). The authors used random sampling at consumption for 10% of the females in facility (Torrone et al., 2015). Many females had consumption various times throughout the study therefore sampling was based on the…

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  • Seagrass Company Audit Case Study

    Seagrass Company Audit Seagrass Company employs Carol Jones, an independent Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to conduct the organization’s annual accounting audit. In conducting accounting audits, auditors employ sampling strategies of key general ledger accounts and transactions to determine the effectiveness of internal controls, accuracy of data, and detect potential misstatements and fraudulent activities. Examination of Ms. Jones’ completed audit reveals incorrect assumptions,…

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