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  • The Women Of Brewster Places Analysis

    Dorcas Abiola Xavia Dryden 02 December 2015 English 237 The Courageous Black Women ofBrewster Place and Their Lives “The Women of Brewster Places” focuses on seven women who struggle to balance their emotional lives but are interconnected in some way as they are all residence of the Brewster place. The author Gloria Nayolar gives a combination of dual cultures of African American women migrating from the Southern to the northern part of the United States of America. Brewster place is a community. How the women of Brewster place presented each other as a pillar of strength to deal with certain obstacles in their lives. In the first chapter of The Women of Brewster Place, presents Mattie Michael the main character and pillar of the Brewster…

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  • The Self In Society Gloria Naylor Analysis

    The Self in Society: Exploring Cultural Embeddedness in Gloria Naylor’s Fiction “Gloria Naylor is a strong voice, and a compassionate one,” said Brad Leithauser, Emily Dickinson lecturer in the humanities.” she writes-and speaks-with solid decided vigour of someone who has given her subject its thoughtful due.” Naylor believes herself to be a wordsmith and a storyteller. There is a reflection of her personal life and familial past in the form of names,…

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  • The Women Of Brewster Place By Gloria Naylor Analysis

    They need to feel accepted The women of Brewster Place(The Two) is a great novel written by Gloria Naylor in 1982. In this novel she told a story of two lesbian women that lived in Brewster Place who were involved in a complex relationship with one another. The sight of the lesbian couple made the other women of Brewster Place feel uneasy because they were so different from them and they could not figure out how two women could be together. Lorraine struggled to gain acceptance and to…

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  • Mommy, What Does 'Nigger' Mean? By Gloria Naylor

    language formed in a society is determined by the meaning behind the words that the culture speaks. In the essay, “Mommy, What Does ‘Nigger’ Mean?” Gloria Naylor also states that spoken and written words have power and meaning. However, words themselves are not offensive or harmful, but rather it is by the general agreement among society that gives them their true power. Naylor creates a persona throughout her essay by using anecdotal evidence, comparisons, pathos, and ethos. By…

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  • Anna Monon And Vendetta Short Story

    Anna Monson, Sam Blankenship, and Mattie Rametta Horror Story Henry was a small child who had just turned the age of nine. He lived with his grandpa who was seventy-three. Henry’s grandpa didn’t pay much attention to Henry, he had dementia and other mental diseases so he didn’t know much about taking care of Henry. From the age of five Henry had to learn how to care for himself. Henry was very intelligent, he had to learn how to cook food for himself, wash his clothes, and take care of other…

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  • In A Time Of Posturing, Didion Dared Slouching, By Joan Didion

    A quick glance into Joan Didion’s life would put readers under the assumption that she identifies as a standard second-wave feminist. A prominent female writer in the 1960s, Didion had initially left me drawing connections to the likes of Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem. Even her stern gaze present on book covers and articles seems to give off a sense of feminine mystique. But after careful venture into her work, it is my understanding that while feminism plays a role in what Didion tackles as…

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  • Twin Sister

    Everyone has some talents, but if nobody discovers our specialty and encourages us to develop, it will bury their talents. In the article “Believing in the True Self”, Gloria Steinem says the children who are encouraged to follow their interest became better than those who are motivated by reward, punishment or competition with other children. Gloria’s point of view shows encouragement can help people develop their interest efficiently. There is a good example to prove Gloria’s point of view. In…

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  • Irigaray's Curriculum Of The Other Woman

    It becomes an uncomfortable topic, it is unacceptable. Even if you want to be comfortable in the topic, society trained women to shy away from the subject even if they dare commit the dirty deed, while men will willingly tell you how many times they masturbated yesterday without even asking. Irigaray states that “…if woman takes pleasure precisely from this incompleteness of form which allows her organ to touch itself over and over again, indefinitely, by itself, that pleasure is denied by a…

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  • Importance Of English Language In The Philippines

    The Philippine archipelago comprises of Filipinos who’s linguistically and culturally diverse. In fact, there are 171 living languages being spoken in the Philippines today. However, these languages do no merely reflect governmental and educational policies. The current constitution of Philippines states that both Filipino (Tagalog) and English are the official languages of the country. The concept of what language should be used as a medium of instruction is an occurring debate in the…

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  • Analysis Of The Poem To Live In The Borderlands Means You

    In both "To live in the Borderlands means you. . .", by Gloria Anzaldua, and "Crying poem" by Jimmy Santiago Baca the authors use various unique stylistic techniques and figures of speech to not just tell the reader of their past, but to paint a picture of the circumstances they faced when growing and how they have affected them. In "Crying Poem", Baca uses the structure of his poem and various stylistic techniques to reflect the frustration and internal conflict he has faced having to "grow…

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