Advantage Of Overt Observation

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Covert observation is when the participant is unaware that they are been observed. Often, some individuals go under cover to do their observations. (, 2015)
The advantages of covert observation is it does not disturb the normal behaviour of the group because the participant is unaware they are being observed so they would not act differently they would act in a way they would normally act. Therefore, there is higher validity because the participant would not be able to change their behaviour to make themselves look better because they have no idea. Another advantage is it allows the researcher to gain more in-depth and detailed information about the group they are observing because they are undercover and unaware so they would be able to find out more detail because the participants are unaware they would not change their behaviour. (Mrnorthernstorm,2015) A limitation of covert observation is covert observation is harder to do, it is hard for the observer to record changes about individuals behaviour and general behaviour without raising suspicion, and if the
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This is beneficial because the researcher would have more detail which would be better for his findings because the more details the researcher has, the more knowledge the researcher has because they do not need to try to memorise the details otherwise and is able to write more. Another advantage is overt observation allows the researcher to be honest with the participants because overt observation refers to the researcher being open about their intentions of the experiment and ensure all members of the participants who are getting observed is aware of what is happening. Which avoids ethnical issues such as deception or lack of informed

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