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  • Personal Narrative: When To Trust Your Gut Instinct

    When to trust your gut instinct As an advocate for rationalism, I’ve recently been troubled by a conviction formed by countless hours at the poker table: that there is something to gut instinct. This does not sit well with me, since I strongly value the use of evidence and reason in forming beliefs. And the conviction is strong even though I’m fully cognisant that it’s based on anecdotal evidence, a sample of one person’s experience, and is possibly subject to a litany of confirmation biases. Upon investigating this further, I’ve discovered a sample of recent psychological research suggesting that gut instinct, or “intuition”, plays a far larger role in decision making than previously thought. I’m a semi-serious poker player. I played a lot online “back in the day”: as poker players refer to the pre-Full-Tilt-collapse era of poker. Since then, I’ve…

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  • Catalyst Layer Essay

    current density. Also Sui et al. modeled and optimized the catalyst layer and confirmed the above-mentioned results (Sui et al. 1999). Following surveys have evaluated parameters of the catalyst layer. For instant, Wang et al. studied the effect of structural parameters in the catalyst layer and determined oxygen diffusion coefficient, proton conductivity, and agglomerate size as key parameters (Wang et al. 2004). Furthermore, Sun et al. accounted for catalyst layer thickness, catalyst loading,…

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