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  • Hospital Readmission Rates: A Case Study

    Exploring 30-day children?s readmission rate in a general hospital. K van Driel1*, GS de Wolf2, R. van Schaik3 1 Division woman and child, Diakonessenhuis Utrecht, the Netherlands 2Department of clinical methods and Public Health, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 3Division woman and child, Diakonessenhuis Utrecht, the Netherlands * Corresponding author: K van Driel, Division Woman and Child Diakonessenhuis…

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  • Environmental Issues In Rio

    Untreated sewage runs throughout poor communities across Rio, and Brazil, causing gastroenteritis which affect those who are young, old, or have a compromised immune system. This illness is a major cause of hospitalization in Rio, and it can have long-term effects, like learning deficits in young children (Bailey, 2016). Those who have visited…

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  • The Causes And Consequences Of Air Pollution

    Despite the rapid growing pace of the modern world’s industrialization, the issues we are confronted with are becoming increasingly severe. While the GDP growth is rising in a stupendous trajectory, the probability of a forthcoming catastrophe happening caused by negative outcomes of the industrialization is rising simultaneously. For instance, pollution is a negative outcome produced by the rapid industrialization. Pollution is the contaminated of a natural environment that can cause diverse…

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  • Thailand Research Paper

    Thailand is a small country in Southeast Asia. There are 77 provinces in the country, and the capital city of Thailand is Bangkok or “Krung Thep”. The population of Thailand is about 68 million people (WHO). The population growth rate is around 3 percent annually. Thailand’s health care system ranked 47th out of 191 countries in the world that were ranked by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2000. Currently, Thailand has approximately 1,000 hospitals and 9,500 health centers. The 1,000…

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  • Poultry Research Paper

    Together with Theobald Smith, he found Salmonella in hogs that succumbed to the disease known as hog cholera." Stedman 's Medical Dictionary explains that "Salmonellosis is an infection with bacteria of the genus Salmonella, characterized by gastroenteritis and fever, and caused especially by eating improperly stored or undercooked foods." Terrestrial Animal Health Code in turn called, "Salmonellosis is one of the most common foodborne bacterial disease sin the world. The great majority of…

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  • Insuline Diabetes Case Study

    onset at or later then the age of 30, at least one of the four antibodies found in T1DM, and lack of need for insulin for at least 6 months after diagnosis. In the presenting case study an adult patient was seen in an acute care facility with gastroenteritis symptoms. The patient was found to be in diabetic ketoacidosis based on presentation and supported by laboratory blood work. The patient reports increased thirst and urinary frequency for a month without clinical evaluation. Patient was…

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  • The Connection Between Autism And Vaccines

    Data and Facts There is a vast amount of research done on vaccines and there is still much to come. One of the most common threads in research for vaccines are vaccine effectiveness and side effects caused by vaccines. The reasons for this is mostly because despite there being proof verifying vaccine’s effectiveness, many people still have doubts about vaccinations. Some people think vaccines cause disastrous side effects. Others believe that vaccines are unnecessary and unreliable. Many of…

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  • Popular Sovereignty Essay

    As the government shifted and changed, whether it being what the views were of the current president or the compromises being made there was a need for popular sovereignty within the states of the union while in the process of sorting territories and creating new states. There were many of reasons why popular sovereignty was needed at the time; one of those being slavery. I believe popular sovereignty gave a sense of power to the people, making them feel more united with their country; in my…

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  • Importance Of Oregano

    While in Earth Clinic, oregano is a good medicine to cure asthma. Asthma is a respiratory condition caused by difficulty in breathing that’s why it results in an allergic reaction. It usually occurs when the airways swell and produce excess mucus. And because of it it can cause asthma attack which can bring you in distress that’s why the anti inflammatory power of oregano can eliminate the causes of asthma and prevent the danger of the respiratory system. According results…

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  • Vice President Role

    him warm. Zachary Taylor died a year and four months after serving as president. On a day of Fourth of July, he consumed some cherries with iced milk and word has it that cholera was in his drink. Many suspected that Taylor’s cause of death was gastroenteritis. The disease resulted in diarrhea, nausea and…

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