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  • What Does It Mean To Say Marriage Is Hard Work

    There is a common saying, “marriage is hard work.” a broad spectrum of people share this advice, spanning from relationship experts to well-meaning married couples. Marital bliss cannot endure forever, and experienced couples are admonishing single and young couples who envision and expect marriage to be a fairytale, or, at least, similar to a romantic comedy. Nevertheless, simply stating that marriage is hard work does not answer the consequent question, which is, in what ways is marriage hard?…

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  • Competent Communication In Nursing

    Competent communication Communication is at the center of all relationships, whether or not it is competent communication it is still communication. People view and understand communication very differently, although to be a competent communicator there have to be different parts of communication dynamics of the language to have successful relationships. I will be writing about three different successes and failures of Dawnette Hedge in the lifelong pursuit to be a successful, competent…

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  • Arguments Against Lethal Injection

    The most common and considered the most humane method of execution used today is lethal injection. Lethal injection is the act of injecting a lethal drug “cocktail” directly into a person’s circulatory system. In Baze v. Rees (2008), the Supreme Court reviewed the three-drug protocol then used for lethal injection by 30 states. The court ruled that the three-drug cocktail at issue in Baze did not violate an inmates Eighth Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishments. This…

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  • Relationships And Marriages: A Psychological Analysis

    When one thinks of a diamond, what comes to mind is that they are very precious, multifaceted, and they are rarely flawless which, can all be allegorically representative of individual marriages, as each one is comprised of unique factors, contributing to the brilliance or dullness of a union. The field of psychology definitely has some legitimate insight into certain aspects of relationships and marriage, such as interpersonal skills, but the true essence of such a union resides in God’s Word…

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  • The 5 Love Language Summary

    Are you wondering as to what it is??? I learned about the love tank first from the bookThe 5 Love Language by Dr. Gary Chapman. It opened up a whole new world about how people speak different love languages. The basic premises of love languages is built upon this illustration a love…

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  • Interpersonal Communication Research Paper

    communication affects the couple’s relationship by strengthening or weakening it and that active listening on each other is a way of showing love, honor, and respect to the spouse. Communication is a way of expressing love and affection of the couples. Gary Chapman (2007) gave five kinds of love languages on how to express genuine commitment of married couples: 1. Words of affirmation- these are words of compliment and encouragement to the…

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  • Forgiving Transgressions

    Gary Chapman who wrote the books called “The 5 Love Languages” and “Love is a Verb.” He explains the importance to know each other’s love language and how most couples don’t have the same language as one another. Which the five types are words of affirmation…

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  • Charlotte Perkins Gilman On Love Analysis

    However, love is an instinctive and unconditional act and force. There are so many ways of expressing love and receiving love. This can be done by an act of sacrifice, an act of giving, an involuntary act, or even in the love languages Dr. Gary Chapman, a father, an author, and a renowned marriage counselor, have categorized: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, or physical…

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  • Interpersonal And Altruistic Values In The Role Of Job Advertisements

    1999) recommended that journal ads were the most standard method of hiring employee. Job advertisements occupied in newspapers are stable one of the most generally used recruitment tools; despite the fact Internet-based recruiting is on the progress (Chapman & Webster,…

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  • Love And Empathetic Ideas In Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages

    She bases her definition and solution off of Gary Chapman’s book “5 Love Languages”, which in short, displays how love is misunderstood because everyone speaks love in a different language. The five languages Chapman describes are: words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, gifts, and quality time. She also uses the four Greek definitions of love: storge, philia, eros…

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