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Could you survive by yourself in the Canadian wilderness for 54 with only a hatchet ?In the novel Hatchet by Gary Paulsen,the main character Brian did just that.Brian got stuck in the Canadian Wilderness for 54 days after he was flying to see his father and the pilot had a heart attack.Brian had been through so much mentally and physically in the wilderness that it made him realize what he needed to survive like when he got attacked by a porcupine and got stuck in the leg with some quills,he found a way to get them out because he knew that he kept them in he would get infected and probably die.He also made a realization when he threw his hatchet at the porcupine and it hit a rock and made sparks and it helped him make fire,which kept him alive …show more content…
Like fire. That is it, he thought. What they were trying to tell me. Fire. The hatchet was the key to it all. When he threw the hatchet at the porcupine in the cave and missed and hit the stone wall it had showered sparks, a golden shower of sparks in the dark, as golden with fire as the sun was now. The hatchet was the answer. That's what his father and Terry had been trying to tell him. Somehow he could get fire from the hatchet. The sparks would make fire. Brian went back into the shelter and studied the wall. It was some form of chalky granite, or a sandstone, but embedded in it were large pieces of a darker stone, a harder and darker stone. It only took him a moment to find where the hatchet had struck.”Brian had been trying to start a fire for weeks now,when he had a dream after throwing his hatchet at a porcupine after it came in his shelter and started eating his food.Brian had the dream with Terry and his dad both pointing to a fire,when Brian woke up the next morning he remembered about his dream and how he had threw the hatchet and he got fire.He had an aha moment and remembered that oh the shower of

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