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  • Carbodimide Chemistry Analysis

    The optimized PF0 encapsulated hybrid NCs formulation was achieved by a two-step process (Fig 1) using nanoprecipitation and subsequently coating with chitosan. In Step-I, the nanoprecipitation technique was used to prepare PF0 loaded BSA NCs (PF0-ANC). In this nanoprecipitation technique, acetone was used as a desolvent [40]. Varying concentrations of PF0 solutions (125µM - 375µM) and BSA solution (156.25µM – 468.75µM) (Table 1) were mixed in a glass vial. The PF0 BSA solution was then added…

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  • Schiff Base Essay

    CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Synthesis of Schiff base Method preparation for Schiff base ligand is a straight forward synthesis and easily modified using different amines and carbonyl compound. This could be one of the reasons that make Schiff base ligand popular in coordination chemistry research. Synthesis of Schiff base ligand commonly, taking place in alcohol through condensation reaction of amines and carbonyl compound. The acid/base catalysis or heating is employed in the synthesis…

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  • Consequences Of Literacy

    interviewees I was properly able to understand the benefits of literacy over illiteracy. The initial part of the interview attempted to gain insight into the person’s basic understanding of the term literacy and what benefits it may hold over illiteracy. In response to my question one individual replied that literacy is what pushes one to greater heights in life, towards success and a better future. There is not only a worldly gain in life, but also that we are able to see our place in the world…

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  • Potassium Permanganate Test Lab Report

    Potassium Permanganate Test: 1. Three drops of the compound to be tested are dissolved in 2 ml of water or aqueous ethanol. 2% KMnO4 solution (a purple solution) is added drop wise and the solution is shaken. 2. The purple color of the KMnO4 solution disappears and a precipitate of MnO2 is formed. A negative test is if there no precipitate. 3. Repeat for every unknown and record observations. Observations and Results Water Solubility Test: When the test was conducted and observations were made,…

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  • Functionally Iliterate People

    According to studies that took place recently, it was said that every one in four people are illiterate. Being illiterate impacts some people in a negative way. They have a difficult time learning and holding new information, writing and reading what is beyond their scope of simple terms and sentences. “The notion that illiterate people are poor and stupid couldn’t be farther from the truth. Quite the contrary, most are quite smart. They have spent years learning how to cleverly cover up their…

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  • Nitrophenol Lab Report

    Four different were gathered from the IR spectroscopy to identify the nitrophenol. The first peak observed was a weak and broad at 3314.75 cm-1, which was corresponded to an alcohol group; therefore this peak must be corresponded to the O-H stretch of the phenol with a literature value that ranges from 3550-3500 cm-1 (Figure 5). The variance between the observed value, and the expected value can be due to the MHz of the IR spectrometer used. The second peak observed was a weak-medium, sharp and…

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  • N-Butanol Essay

    Background This experiment was performed to determine the identity of an unknown organic liquid using physical constants: physical state, color, and odor, the solubility classification: water soluble or insoluble, the results of characterization tests: Lucas test, 2,4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine test, Bromine in Methylene Chloride test, and Ferric hydroxamate test, and analyses of spectral data: IR spectrum and HNMR . All testing samples were added to testing tubes for observation. Data was…

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  • Inject-Injury Type-Specific (BIITS) Phobia?

    phobia vasovagal fainting response consists of two phases. First there is a brief spike in heart rate and blood pressure. This increase is immediately followed by a dramatic decrease in heart rate and blood pressure, causing the person to lose consciousness (Diagnostic…

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  • How Does Life Affect Jeanette Walls's Life

    The book The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls has left a great impact on me because I feel a few of Jeanette 's many problems she went through during her younger life is somewhat similar to what I have gone through. Not many people know about my life at home but this quote from the The Glass Castle I think accurately states the kind of life I am living and how Jeanette’s life is similar to mine,“I wanted to let the world know that no one had a perfect life, that even the people who seemed to have…

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  • Acute Stress Response Essay Introduction

    your body just went through a response known as the fight or flight response also known as the acute stress response. The fight or flight response evolved as a mechanism enabling humans and other mammals to react quickly to potentially life-threatening dangers. The sequence of physiological response and hormonal changes allows for someone to choose between fleeing to safety and fighting off the threat. The body is very sensitive, however, and oftentimes the response is triggered by stressors…

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