Fundamental Rights in India

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  • Importance Of Directive Principles Of State Policy

    Introduction Health is one of the basic requirements of human beings. India is facing the problem of degradation of health standards in the face of a growing population and poverty. The Supreme Court performs the function of interpretation of provisions of Constitution. The framers of Indian Constitution have rightly inserted various provisions regarding health of public. The role of the Supreme Court is thus significant in protecting the health of people with the help of various decisions. The Government is obligated to protect and improve the health of the people because the quality of life of a population is very closely linked with its health standards. There are various provisions under the Constitution of India which deal with the…

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  • John Locke's Social Contract Theory In The Constitution Of India

    John Locke's Social Contract Theory is particularly reflected in the Constitution of India. As indicated by Locke's hypothesis, man in the 'state of Nature' wanted to secure their property and with the end goal of protection of their property, men went into the "Social Contract". Under the agreement, individuals met up and made two unison - Pactum Unionis and Pactum Subjectionis. The Preamble to the Constitution of India begins with the phrase “WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved…

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  • Case Analysis: Minerva Mills V. Union Of India

    Analysis: Minerva Mills v. Union of India Minerva Mills case 1980 was a one of the landmark judgments of the Supreme Court of India. The “Basic Structure” doctrine is the judge-made doctrine whereby certain features of the Constitution of India are beyond the limit of the powers of amendment of the Parliament of India. No part of the constitution may be so amended by Article-368 so as to “alter the basic structure” of the Constitution. Neither the Doctrine of Basic Structure nor the basic…

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  • Religious Pluralism: The Value Of Religious Freedom Of Religion

    denominational conflicts within the same religion. The existence of religious pluralism depends on the existence of freedom of religion. Freedom of religion is when different religions of a particular region possess the same rights of worship and public expression. Freedom of religion is a fundamental human right that protects the conscience of all people. It allows us to think, express and act upon what we deeply believe. It encompasses all religions acting within the law in a particular…

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  • Right To Personal Liberty

    that "the magnitude and content of the components of this right would depend upon the extent of the economic development of the country". It was also emphasized that "It must, in any view of the matter, include the right to the basic necessities of life and also the right to carry on such functions and activities as constitute the bare minimum expression of the human self". Right to personal liberty can be further explained as:- As per Munn V. Illinois the expression 'Liberty' in the 5th and…

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  • Importance Of Gender Justice

    numerically equal are a minority group in terms of power and influence. The differences between man and woman may be small but they have snowballing effects on the status of a minority of women. Even the most significant, rich and civilized empires cannot boast of providing their women equal treatment. It was soon realized that no country can progress if half of its total population is behind – socially, economically and politically. If equality and freedom evade women, it was also offensive to…

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  • Indira Gandhi: Mother India Or Tyrant

    Mother India or Tyrant Indira Gandhi leaves a divided legacy. To the poor she is a hero. She is Mother India, who helped the underprivileged with her social welfare programs and the mother of the Green Revolution, which helped make India self-sufficient in grain productions. For others she is the architect of the Emergency, a dark period in India’s history when democracy was suppressed and political enemies we put down or jailed. Under her rule India won a war against Pakistan freeing the east,…

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  • Essay On Dalit

    example of flower petals. While the broken petals are symbolic of Dalits, the petals which are joined to the calyx signify the rest of the society. The term is used to signify a broken down and downtrodden section of the society. Dalits have been accorded a backward and lowly position in the society, right from the days of Manusmriti. People were divided into different categories based upon their occupations. The most menial tasks were left to the dalits and the sudras. To overcome…

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  • Biographical Sketch Of Jawaharlal Nehru Analysis

    n and Biographical sketch of Jawaharlal Nehru- Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India and a central figure in Indian politics before and after independence. He was born on 14 November, 1889, Allahabad. He was educated from Trinity College, Cambridge (1907–1910), Harrow School, City Law School. His father was well-known lawyer named as Motilal Nehru. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi’s father, was a leader of India’s nationalist movement and became India’s first prime minister…

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  • Globalization And Human Rights Case Study

    Prologue The history of India has witnessed and still witnessing discrimination and atrocities either in one form or the other on Dalits, women and Minorities. They are deprived of their socio-economic and political rights. Even after centuries the same situation is predominant in India. The violation of fundamental human rights and the viciousness has been perpetrated on them, particularly on Dalit women and Minorities. Women and Dalits have faced alienation from the main stream society due to…

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