Informal Classroom Communication

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Communication between parents and teachers is a vital part of the education process. Establishing and maintaining a strong home-school line of communication can benefit children, parents and educators. Children feeling more comfortable at school, Parents have a better understanding of their child’s development and capabilities and educators can gain increased support from families (Estes & Krogh 2012). I believe that is it important to have many avenues for home-school communication both in the formal and informal settings. According to Yvette Lee, interpersonal interactions are invaluable to building relationships and creating engaging experiences.
When communicating with parents it is important to remember to always praise the child’s abilities
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I believe it is important to have a lead parent to establish as a liaison to be the welcoming person as a peer,” (Lee 2015). In order to establish a strong line of communication between my student’s parents and myself I must understand that not everyone will communicate the same or have the same needs. I will set up both informal and formal times to meet with parents to capture all families in my classroom. Informal settings may include times when parents are dropping off or picking up their children, emails, phone calls and notes that are exchanged between parents and me. Understanding that I may need someone else to help communicate when language or other barriers come up will be done in the more formal setting. Formal settings can include sit down meetings with parents and translators or school administration, parent-teacher conferences and IEP, SST and RTI meetings. During these more formal meetings it is still vital that we address student’s strengths and abilities along with any concerns or needs. Strong communication and collaboration between educators and parents/guardians are critical to ensure that students are receiving the most support possible (Powell & Driver 2013).
Sometimes parents do not have the time for phone calls or in person meetings, so we as educators must provide parents with different mediums of communication. These can include weekly or monthly newsletters, continuously up-to-date parent boards, and many more. According to Yvette Lee, these are not ideal ways to communicate because it may brakes down on the face to face or in person interactions. I believe that is it important to provide parents with many methods of communicating with schools to establish a string home-school

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