Importance Of Communication With Parents

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How do I communicate with Parents?

As a teacher, I believe that parental communication is essential to operating an effective and efficient classroom. Prior to the first day of school, I try to call the parents of students whom I will be teaching in the upcoming school year and introduce myself to them. I give parents the information that they need to contact me through the school such as my school email and phone extension or how to leave a message for me at the school. I also send home notes periodically praising students for things that they have learned and accomplished.

In addition to this, I will send notes home, call, and email parents if there is an issue that I believe could become something major in a classroom. Most minor problems,
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I have learned over the years to have an approach to classroom discipline that is rooted in mutual respect for one another. I have one rule that I follow and give my students. That rule is: “Always please be respectful to your faculty and fellow students.”

Everything in the classroom can tie back to this rule. Whether we are talking about trash in the classroom, misbehavior, unpreparedness, disruptions, and other items, they all relate to respect because we would not want these things done to us as individuals if we were trying to direct a class for students to learn. I explain to students early on that I know things they don 't and they know things that I don 't. I tell them by having respect and acting respectful we can learn from one
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I find that by showing the respect toward that I expect of them, students generally return that respect and that we can usually work our way through most discipline problems within the classroom without the need for office referrals. That said, I will not hesitate to use an office referral to address a student 's behavior and conduct if I must. I do however try to make those things my last resort. Generally speaking, I try to give a student 3 warnings before I refer them out for an office referral in a traditional 50 minute class period. This system and outlining it from the start with students seems to work well and usually stops issues from turning into major

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