My Core Values: My Beliefs Of Leadership

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My core values as a human being are directly aligned with my beliefs on being successful in the workforce. Respect is one of top beliefs, if you give respect I believe you will receive respect in return at a higher percentage. Respect is keeping peace with others by exemplifying compassion, empathy, and treating others with dignity. Respect as a leader is showing value in your co-workers, honoring their needs, and showing gratitude for their contributions. There were several times in my life that I learn a lesson about respect and how far respect can take you in life. In my role as a Teacher and Coach, I’ve had the opportunity to work under several Principals and Athletic Directors. What I’ve come to learn about being respectful
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Not only did him making this statement encourage us as we got ready to face the treacherous summer heat, but helped motivate us to work harder through the season. Integrity is last core value that I want to talk about. Integrity means to be honest and to hold strong moral values. This was taught to me at an early age when I started working for my uncle. I was taught to never take shortcuts or be dishonest. This belief has helped get me to where I’m at today. Demonstrating integrity as leader would be doing what you say you’re going to do, and following the rules of the system. As a coach I’ve personally seen how not displaying integrity can ruin a team, and this holds truth to any team. One team in our area were playing ineligible students and ended up having to forfeit their entire district schedule. This is why I believe in displaying integrity and doing things the right way. These are my core beliefs and I act accordingly. In order to be successful you must have a plan and follow it strictly. These beliefs have been a part of my plan and have helped me in my everyday life as well as my career. I believe that my success is tied in directly with my beliefs and ideology or how I should carry myself on …show more content…
When being asked to compare leadership to management, the question took me back to my first two jobs that I had previous to education. I grew up in a blue collared family that survived off of our labor. We had several businesses in our area, and in time our business grew. I was an apprentice working directly under my uncle. I would study his every move, with hopes of being able to fulfill the job requirements without any help one day. There were three qualities that learned through observation from my uncle. These qualities were mentorship, being charming, and being proactive. Although there were other qualities, I observed him put these three qualities in action every day. Whenever I had a problem, or needed to know how to the best way to complete a specific task he would be there to direct me step by step. He would direct me in three phases, verbally, physically, and by practice. Those teaching strategies are the exact same ones that I use in the classroom today. I learned that when you’re the front man, or leader of an organization you have to know how to talk to people. When interacting with customers, or families we would work for I would always notice how my uncle would seek out positive things to say towards the people. I didn’t understand what being charming was at the time, but as I got older I started to understand. When I began to understand I asked him why did he always seem

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