As A Leader Which Values Are Most Important To You Essay

1. As a leader, which values are most important to you? Why? While all values in leadership are significant, humility and respect are the most important to me. At times humility can be confused with low self-esteem or underestimating of one’s talents. I believe humility is being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. I believe humility is being able to consider others points of view and opinions. Humility is being able to admit mistakes thus being able to recover from them. In respect to leadership, being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses is vital to ensure the success in a group. When you are aware of areas you thrive in, you can be more selective with tasks to take charge of to ensure success. On the other hand, when you are aware of your weaknesses you know what can be worked on and in what areas to let another team member take charge. Being able to admit a mistake is also an important aspect of being a leader. Admitting a mistake means being honest with your team. This helps foster trust within a team which can increase the overall dynamic of the team. Also, being able to consider other …show more content…
Honesty is essential in leadership because it instills trust within a group. Accountability ties into honesty in terms of credibility and influence. In order for your team members to view you as a credible and honest leader you must be able to admit mistakes and find ways to correct errors. Focus is another area that is important to gain credibility. Being goal oriented and staying on task is an easy way to help your team view you as a dedicated leader. Being focused also helps influence other members to remain focused as well. Education is the foundation of credibility and influence. The more you are educated the more answers you are able to provide for your team members. Thus, the more credible you are when team members come to you with any questions or

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