Competency Statement 11: Families

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Competency Statement IV
To establish positive and productive relationships with families

Functional Area 11: Families
Promoting a family environment for children is important for them to feel comfortable and confident while learning. As a teacher, you can send a letter home notifying parents to send a family portrait to demonstrate the variety of race and the value of having a family or love one. Using creativity, you can cut out turkeys and tape their portraits on the turkeys. The top label can say give thanks. Another example would be to cut out a large Christmas tree and large ornaments and place their family portrait on to. To keep the flow of parent involvement keep sending home newsletters of events that will take place at the facility.
As children progress a teacher should document their progress in learning. We should also praise them for their achievement and give them a sense of confidence within themselves. Have a conference with parents to alert them on their child progress and also send work sheets or books home to encourage parent to teach at home. Because we all know the primary teacher is the parent. Also expressing the importance of play is a
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They did not want me to end my observation. They were very excited about me attending their classroom. They express their love and compassion for me as their teacher. The strength in their compassion committed me to educate them with positive guidance. I believe there is a positive way to impact children to make good decision and believe in their selves to succeed in positive environments. If the parents and teachers impact the children together as great role models. That will encourage and influence them to continue to be successful in life. The children at Blytheville Head start told me “we love you Mrs. Lane.” “Please don’t leave us Mrs. Lane.” Those comments right there encouraged me to continue influence them in a positive way each

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