Effects Of Strictness On Children

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How parent’s strictness influences the futures of their children negatively

Parents always hope their child will have a bright future. As the rising tide of tiger parenting is sweeping across the world, more and more families try to adopt this type of parenting. It has triggered a hot debate over the issue recently. Some believe that strict parents can help children make stellar academic achievement and get a high-salary job in the foreseeable future; however, I do not agree with this. From my point of view, parent’s strictness could negatively affect the future of children in three aspects: health, social skills and interpersonal relationships.

To commence with, children who are under restrictive parents are possibly easier to be suffered
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Tiger parents usually force children to study and arrange their day-to-day schedule without considering children’s opinions. When parent pave the way for everything of them, it is likely that children will lose the independent life skills and communications skills. In children’s life, their parents usually design a perfect plan for them. Apter (as cited in Ghazi, 2001), a student who are studying a group of 18-year-olds, said them are so used to having their time filled up chock-a-block by their parents that, they loss the most basic self- management skills. This is to say, restrictive parents will probably weaken their child’s ability and hinder them from becoming independent. In addition, it appears that children are unwilling to express their opinions. Since they are only focusing on the academic work, there is almost no way to communicate with others when they are controlled to meet friends. According to Attenborough at the National Literacy, researchers found that half the children arriving at school lacked basic communication skills (as cited in Sapsted, 2004). It may be hard for them to share their views or even speak to peer. They do not good at communicating even in the family. Under this parenting style, lack of interpersonal skills is a common result, which is an obstacle when they enter the workplace in the future. No matter how excellent academic …show more content…
Family relationship could also be destroyed under restrictive parenting. As we all know, parents have a vital role to play in children’s development. If they are setting too many limitations and controlling the freedom enjoyed by their children, it may probably create conflicts between parents and children. Children may resist the controls and then tension existed. Parent-child relationship is likely to be detroyed and this vicious cycle may not terminate. The consequences of strict parenting can be very dire as it affects children’s childhood. Worse still, this kind of malady usually passes on from generations to generations. On the other hand, peer relationships may also be affected when strict parents do not allow their children to stay with friends, or they are not good at communicating with mates because of their authoritarian parenting. As it is likely that they are lacking social skills, perhaps afraid to talk to others, they may have such kind of behavior. Over- aggressiveness, anxiousness, even fearfulness about being with other children, can lead to peer-group exile. (Don, 1993) This means that children may experience pressures from peers and could not handle their relationship well. In long run, children may be trapped in a single small social circle and loss supports from peers. It is disastrous to have poor relationships

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